Israel continued fever. Continuation of the cool war with Turkey

Israel continued fever.  Continuation of the "cold war" with Turkey

Not so long ago in Israel protesters opposed to large housing prices, were able to break another record. On the "March of Millions" gathered, according to various estimates, between 350 and 500 thousand Israelis. For seven million of the country is quite significant figure.

Although many members of so-called. "Tent revolution" shall be removed from the political slogans, dissatisfaction with the actions of the cabinet of Benjamin Netanyahu continues to grow. But, as we know, no matter what the revolution has its own logic, now dominated by economic demands, and what will be tomorrow, of course not very many people. The "left" constantly pour gasoline in the fire, speaking in the middle of demonstrators demanding the resignation of open Israeli government. Although in the last protest party members "Meretz" and "National Left" is not particularly distinguished in the middle of a large mass of demonstrators.

Israel continued fever.  Continuation of the "cold war" with Turkey

In addition, for most of the rally one of the main slogans was requirement "People ask social justice!". It is symbolic that the venue for the "March of millions" has become an area of Tel Aviv's Kikar Ha-Medina, which are the most expensive metropolitan boutiques and restaurants.

According to Israeli media, particularly in Tel Aviv action became the most large-scale protest — it involved up to 300 thousand people. The protesters were holding placards with slogans that reflect the population's discontent with social injustice, a significant income gap between poor and well-sections of the population: "An entire generation wants a future," "Country, a land flowing with milk and honey — but not for everyone."

Israel continued fever.  Continuation of the "cold war" with Turkey

It should be noted that if the first step of "tent revolution" was the basic requirement of protesters drop in housing prices, the current time protesters began to remember more about other dilemmas that reflect the different social, ethnic, political nuances of the situation. Israeli media also saw that participated in the protests, Israeli Arabs: they make demands on the present participation in the socio-political and economic life of the country.

Do the inhabitants of such Israeli cities such as Nahariya, Sderot and Kiryat Shmona, who are more at threat of rocket attacks, their questions to the Israeli authorities.

Israel continued fever.  Continuation of the "cold war" with Turkey

Binyamin Netanyahu's government practically does not react to the social protests, continuing to produce the previously planned measures to tackle the crisis. Although it is first of August in Israel made a special commission under the chairmanship of Dr. Manuel Trachtenberg. The Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the beginning of economic reforms in the country almost immediately after the start of civil unrest. But the results of the commission's work to be seen. Because many of the activists' tent revolution "does not believe in the effectiveness of the work of this commission. They did their other meetings.

The forthcoming developments in almost everything will depend on how will the government on a serious budget change to meet the requirements of protesters. And the Israeli government stands before a serious problem of providing external security in the state is a steady increase in military spending. Recent foreign policy actions they say that the tension will only increase.

It is not clear that the government can solve social challenges prepyadstviya in rather short time, because the middle class in Israel and other groups will continue to complain. The first feature of the "tent revolution" of Israel is the fact that the main driving force is the middle class, which lives in relative comfort. Second feature — a peaceful nature of protests.

Israel continued fever.  Continuation of the "cold war" with Turkey

The "cold war" with Turkey lasts

Turkey. Smee the Republic of Turkey said that Ankara had prepared a new package of anti-Israel activities. Sanctions against Israel diplomatically anticipate a complete rupture of relations with Jerusalem, as has already been made in relation to Yerevan, which blames the Turkish authorities in the genocide of the Armenians, and requests to acknowledge the conscious destruction of the Armenian people.

In addition, will be disrupted all commercial matters between with 2 powers. Turkey will help the Palestinian Arabs get global recognition would not let Israel of the North Atlantic Alliance and will put pressure on the International Atomic Energy Agency, that it has imposed sanctions on the Jewish government for refusing to sign a contract on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Defeasance of new sanctions Ankara — Jerusalem apology for the incident connected with the "freedom flotilla".

Israel. Jerusalem, in response to the actions of Turkey, which soon leads diplomatically real "war" with Israel, has developed its own plan asymmetric response. As reported by the newspaper "Yediot Ahronot", citing sources in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government is prepared to respond to the unfriendly policy of Ankara raffle Kurdish and Armenian "card."

Erdogan (Turkish Prime Minister) must realize that the anti-Israeli actions will not go unanswered — said Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman. This message appeared after the publicity in the press in Turkey newest naval strategy of Ankara, which has received the title of "Barbarossa".

Jerusalem plans to respond to the increasing acts of Ankara own contacts with the Armenian lobby in the U.S. Congress to assist in the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by
the Turks, and will support Armenia in its informal claims to the area of Mount Ararat (Western Armenia). Appropriate negotiations Avigdor Lieberman should spend with representatives of the Armenian lobby in September during another visit to the States.

In addition, Jerusalem wants to expand its ties with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) — a movement that found in Turkey terrorism. The Israeli government is considering the possibility of interaction with the Kurdish PKK and support "in all possible areas." Kurds for decades are armed confrontation with the Turkish army and the police, demanding the independence of the south-eastern regions of Turkey, the Kurdish populated nation.

In Jerusalem can "make friends" with the neighbors. For the Turkish elite and the Armenian Kurdish issues are the most unhealthy "calluses".

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