Israel did not do without the help of the United States (Haaretz, Israel)

Israel can not do anything without the help of the United States ("Haaretz", Israel)

Horror and fear that caused the first of the year in Israel, the "Arab Spring", found its expression in the last days. Egyptian demonstrators broke through a concrete barrier and burst into the building of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, expelling Israeli diplomats from the country.

Panic the diplomatic corps of the Israeli evacuation by aircraft of the Air Force IDF, which occurred after the intervention of U.S. President Barack Obama reminded the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979.

Seven months later, after the demonstrators from Tahrir Square led to the fall of Hosni Mubarak, they tore apart one of the signs peace treaty, Israeli flag which fluttered in the Egyptian capital in over 31 years. We are unlikely to see him again in the same place for the foreseeable future.

Historians, who will outline the collapse of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, will begin with a description of the last years of the Mubarak regime. During these years, Cairo evenly lost control of the Sinai Peninsula and the desert turned into an uncontrolled area, where the act smugglers ferried gun, ladies and traders and African refugees.

Agreement on the disarmament of Sinai, in accordance with which the Egyptian army was not allowed to sit on the peninsula, almost did not act after Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005. This tendency is particularly intensified in recent months. Time after time, the Egyptians asked Israel (Give consent), alternate troops in the Sinai near the Israeli border. "Time" to restore order in the area.

From the perspective of the Egyptians, it was a good opportunity to dilute the content of the agreements that impose restrictions on them regarding their military presence on the peninsula and return full sovereignty over the territory of the Suez Canal to the Negev.

In the 70s, when they signed a peace treaty, the Egyptian army in the Sinai was perceived by Israelis as the greatest threat to national security. Now the Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai seem minimal evil compared with the most dangerous power vacuum in the peninsula. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fears that Sinai will turn into a large sector of Gaza, a crowded gun and rocket launchers created for shelling the Israeli countryside.

Fence, which Israel is building along the Egyptian border, is designed to maintain the current security to prevent terrorist attacks and penetration of African refugees. This fence does not give a response to the strategic threats that are rapidly evolving beyond the Egyptian-Israeli border.

The crisis around the Israeli embassy in Cairo has appeared in connection with the death of 5 Egyptian soldier on 18 August in the border incident that resulted from the terrorist attack near Eilat. Demonstrators in Tahrir Square and Egyptian politicians, frustrated unhurried pace of the reform process regime in the country, have directed their anger against the most hated object in Cairo — against the Israeli embassy.

Apologies that brought Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and assurances that Israel will vigorously participate in the investigation of the incident, had no impact on public opinion in Cairo. The rallies continued, and a week later, after the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Ankara for similar reasons (anger over the death of Turkish participants in the flotilla) salting and Israel was exiled from Cairo. The only difference is that in Turkey, the pioneer of this step was the government, as it did in Egpite street demonstrators who tried to resist the authorities.

Netanyahu and his government are proud of their tough and uncompromising attitude in everything that concerns the public pros. The Prime Minister is convinced that his refusal to offer a formal apology to Turkey for the deaths of its people in the past year on the capture of the Israeli military flotilla heading to Gaza, is a fair solution. According to the views of Netanyahu, the Arab world is closely following the actions of Israel, and the public apology to the Turks could be perceived by them as an unforgivable weakness.

But Netanyahu is not only refused to apologize. Replaced in order to reduce the degree of conflict with Turkey, Israel entered into a very dangerous verbal confrontation with Ankara. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to the risk that subsequent flotilla heading to the shores of Gaza, will be accompanied by the naval forces of Turkey. In response, Netanyahu made a widely publicized in the media visit to the base of the Israeli Navy. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman proposed help Kurdish rebels — as opposed to the Turkish aid to Hamas in Gaza. And in public, announced this foolish idea.

Netanyahu and Lieberman — huge characters verbally, but at the crucial moment, when Egyptian protesters besieged the Israeli Embassy, it became clear that we do not have the smallest impact in Cairo. Netanyahu was obliged to seek help from their own political opponent, Barack Obama to free Israeli diplomats from the failure. Once again it became clear that Israel will not be able to cope with anything without American help.

Netanyahu hopes that, having lost the Turks and Egyptians, Israel will be able to get close to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf oil kingdoms, who fear that the blast wave of "Arab Spring" would sweep away their regimes. In the West, Netanyahu is trying to become a close ally of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. During a trip to the Balkan countries have demonstrated the owners Netanyahu public monuments to the heroes who were killed by the Ottoman rulers. Here's to you — a platform for friendly relations.

But all this stuff. The political tsunami that foreshadowed the defense minister, Ehud Barak, Israel has covered before, as the UN announced the development of a Palestinian country. Israel was left all alone — against Iran, Turkey, Egypt, which in the past, at various times, were our closest allies. Netanyahu is convinced that what is happening in the region is dependent on one's will, and Israel can not and should not solve anything — just stand on its own.

Israel really could not prevent the strengthening of the power of Erdogan and the collapse Mubraka. How he can not stop the development of the Iranian nuclear project. Decline of the American Empire, too, is not the fault Netanyahu. But the Prime Minister did not do anything rovnenky account to soften the bad effect of the ongoing processes. The result is evident — the political and strategic situation of Israel is even worse specifically during his reign.

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