Israel does not want to transmit the RF advanced military technology

According to the statement of Major General Amos Gilad, retired, who is the director of the military-political bureau Ministry of Defense of Israel, his country will not pass the advanced RF military technology.

According to him, Israel sold drones RF "Sercher", representing a thirty-year legacy device with legacy systems.

Israel will not transmit RF advanced military technology

Gilad stressed that our motherland has expressed a desire to purchase it in order to produce its own drones. The Israeli side has fulfilled its part of the agreement by the UAV, with all this no one modern system it is not sold and will not sell the Russian Federation.

The basic premise that Israel will not sell modern Russian Federation military technology, is delivery Russian arms to Syria.

Our homeland, namely the supply of produce to Syria mobile coastal missile system "Bastion". Gilad said that the anti-missile systems, "Cornet", which has sold our homeland Syria, have been transferred to the "Hezbollah" and later sent them to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. Despite the fact that in Syria there is a growing unrest, the sale of guns that country continues.

According A.Gilada, positive nuance is the fact that the Russian Federation has canceled the contract associated with the delivery of S-300 to Iran embargo makes the conditions relating to the supply of arms to Tehran in accordance with the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council.

Interview A.Gilad was taken in January 2012, meanwhile TSAMTO (Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument) has decided to once again go back to the point of view of A.Gilad due to the fact that does not stop the controversy surrounding the procurement of arms for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Western-made technology.

Recall that Major-General Amos retired Gilad is a major figure in the armed forces of Israel, previously headed the Research Department of Military Intelligence, currently coordinates the activities of the government in the territories, also heads the military-political bureau of the Ministry of Defence since the creation of the first units of the 2000s.

Israeli media said Gilad pessimist, but his predictions about the beginning of the second intifada and the second Lebanon war were correct.

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