Israel for the first time offered to put the MBT Merkava» Mk.4 foreign customer

Israel first proposed to put the MBT "Merkava» Mk.4 foreign customer

Israel Armed Forces of Colombia proposed purchase MBT "Merkava» Mk.4 and APC "Namer". In the process of starting negotiations open a discussion can supply 25 to 40 tanks.

As the resource, to this day the Israeli MBT price was not disclosed. According to professionals, it can be about 6 million dollars.

Israel previously exported the technologies developed in the framework of the creation of programs of different models of the tank "Merkava". One of the most recognizable projects in this area — the modernization of M-60 tanks of the Turkish Armed Forces. But Israeli tank never exported.

Intention to buy MBT Colombia due to the recent purchase of armored vehicles in other countries in the region, including Brazil, Venezuela and Chile.

As previously reported, the Sun Colombia view opportunity purchases in the first step to 44 MBT, also the creation of a training center personnel and facilities engineering. At the current time in service of the country NE tanks available.

For armored units planned purchase at the applicable rates in the fighting machine that provides the highest firepower, survivability and mobility.

Apart from the Israeli offer, as the probable options considered buying MBT "Leopard-1V» of the Armed Forces of Chile and MBT "Leopard-2A4» from the German Armed Forces.

A couple of years back Columbia has acquired a number of weapon systems in Israel, including fighter jets, "Kfir", tanker aircraft, land-based and sea-based. Colombia also considering buying UAVs in Israel.

Acquisition of Israeli-made military hardware Colombia open a discussion in the nedavneshnego visit to the country of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

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