Israel graduated from the latest tests missile defense system

Israel completed tests of a new missile defense systemIsrael has completed tests of the latest state of missile defense, "Metal dome"(Iron Dome), reports to the Defence Talk. Tests were carried out from 11 to 14 July 2010. They took the role of the Office for the development of tools and technologies (ADWTI) Israeli Ministry of Defense, Air Force, and the company Rafael, has developed a missile defense system.

The tests were conducted together with the already taken up by defense complexes. According to the test, "Metal dome"Do not miss a simulated enemy missile. It clarifies the Jane's Defence Weekly, during the test was carried out to intercept targets simulating rockets Qassam (Hamas militants used to bombard the area Israel) As 122-millimeter rockets multiple rocket launching systems "Grad" and "Katyusha".

Interestingly, the "Metal Dome "is capable of detecting and accompany missiles, calculating a trajectory of their flight and the crash site — if rocket the enemy should fall on unpopulated land areas, the team at the launch of the interceptor is not given.

After completion of the test the latest missile defense system first two batteries will intercede on combat duty in November 2010. One battery already been transmitted in the air defense of Israel. Second battery will go into service of the country in September this year.

One battery able to cover an area of 150 square kilometers of missiles fired from a distance of 4 to 70 km. The structure of "steel dome" includes three launchers with 20 Tamir interceptor missiles any, the center of the fire control radar and multi-purpose EL/M-2084 manufactured by Elta Systems.

As expected, the first step of the battery "Steel Dome" will be located on the border of the Gaza Strip, and then — along the border with Lebanon. According to some reports, the full cover of the northern and southern border regions Israel would need 20 batteries. Their creation and deployment will be a billion shekels (262.2 million dollars).

Part of this amount will pay the United States — in the middle of May 2010, the U.S. Department of Defense has notified the Israeli military establishment that President Barack Obama has approved $ 205 million dollars to Jerusalem. These funds will be spent on the deployment of the "steel dome."

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