Israel has developed a plan for the creation of a four-missile defense system

Israel has developed a plan to create a four-missile defense systemIsraeli Ministry of Defense has developed a plan the creation of a four-missile defense system, which in the coming days are to be submitted to the political management of the country. As reported by the Israeli news now "Wye no"This system ABM, a member of the "State plan emergency response, "" Israel will do the most secure country in the world against all missile attacks. "

Implementation of the plan, to be put into practice in 2015, will cost the Jewish state in the 2-2.5 billion dollars. In the Defense Ministry, said "Wye no"Believe that by 2015, Iran will have nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

According to the agency, referring to the representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the first level Missile defense will be based on a system of "Arrow-3" / "Hetz-2" or "Strela-3" /, capable of destroying enemy ballistic missiles like the Iranian "Shahab-3", outside the earth's atmosphere. The main tool of the second level — system "Arrow-2", affecting missiles which are already covered in the atmosphere. The main support will be made, but in defense of the third level. These interceptors will be able to neutralize both long-range artillery shells and cruise missiles launched from the ground or from the sea. In the end, already well-established system "Metal Dome" will ensure the safety of Israelis from short-range missiles acts similar to Palestinian "Qassam" rockets and even a type of "Katyusha".

All of the missile defense system will be equipped with radars that are combined into a single network linked with South American and Israeli gallakticheskimi satellites.
On the days of the new Pentagon chief Leon Pennetta invited Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak to Washington for consultations on the current and future missile and nuclear threats in the Middle East, said, "Wye no. "

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