Israel has upgraded its own best-selling drone

Israel has upgraded its best selling droneIsrael's state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled an upgraded version of the unmanned aerial vehicle Heron, his own best-selling drone, reports Flightglobal. New apparatus, received the title of Heron NG, different extended range and improved set of on-board equipment for observation, reconnaissance and communications.

According to IAI, observation equipment Heron NG allows for exploration on any type of terrain, whether forest, tropical greenery, backwaters, sea or city. Management of UAV, the transfer of all intelligence disk imaging is a means of satellite communication, developed by Elta Systems ("daughter" IAI). Upgraded UAV can equip an automatic landing and take-off.

Range Flight Heron NG is 1.5 thousand kilometers. For comparison, the earlier version UAV — Heron-1 — could be removed from the base of a 350 km. Some systems developed for Heron NG, can be applied to other versions of the family of UAVs Heron.

Heron NG was the fourth drone in the family. Initially released IAI UAVs Heron, then replaced by more modern Heron-1. On the basis of the past for the Israeli Air Force had developed machines Heron-TP, were armed Israeli forces under the designation Eitan.

At the current time product family are the most sold Heron Israeli drones. They are armed with the 13 countries of the world, some of which operate on the license modifications Heron. Namely, such devices are in service with the French designation Harfang and feature increased range and an expanded set of reconnaissance equipment.

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