Israel is arming system of protection against MANPADS C Music

Israel is arming system of protection against MANPADS "C Music"

Israel ordered two local airlines to complete the introduction of turboprop ATR 72 and ATR 42, as these models are very malehankih, to be invested in this missile defense, all of which are equipped Israeli planes. Plane ATR 72 weighs 22 tons, while its predecessor ATR 42 is very similar to it, weighs 18 tons. Over the past 3 decades has been built about a thousand of these aircraft and most of them so far has been in operation.

Israel hurry with anti-missile systems, aircraft equipment. As a result, nedavneshnego fall of the dictatorship of Gaddafi in Libya several Libyan weapons depots were looted and Israel believes that weapons smugglers will forward man-portable air defense systems to the Gaza Strip and Hamas to implement them, which could use them against Israeli aircraft. Israeli war planes are equipped missile defense system, which detects the launch and dazzles her guidance system using a laser.

To protect the civilian aircraft Israel uses a system of local production "C Music". Usual system Missile Defense Airbus consists of 2-component. First represents a 6 or more UV sensors installed on various parts of aircraft weighing 3-4 kg each for detecting the approaching missile. These sensors are connected to the 3-5 pound computer containing software to determine whether the detected object is essentially a rocket and where it is aimed. The computer is connected to the system counter that uses a laser to confuse the guidance system that attempts to warm the engine. System C-Music weighs 50 kg.

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