Israel is preparing for a large-scale air assault landing

Israel is preparing for a large-scale air assault landing

For the first time since 1990, Israel conducted a large-scale airborne exercises. More than a thousand fighter Airborne Brigade took part in the exercise, including general parachuting. Since the 1990s, only a small group of paratroopers made jumps with a parachute, and the last part of the training exercises are airborne brigade to carry out a large-scale landing. This is part of the latest Israeli policy to increase the combat effectiveness of ground forces in the conduct of conventional war. Twelve years ago, the Palestinians have launched terrorist activities, and therefore the IDF ground forces focused on counter terrorist operations. Over the last 5 years the threat of Palestinian terrorism, for the most part has been suppressed, while in the south of the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah has continued to prepare for war with Israel.

Preparing Airborne Brigade to parachute operations are costly exercise. Traditionally, training parachute units costs very expensive (you need the parachute school, aircraft training to perform repetitive jumps, additional costs for medical services injuries acquired in a parachute descent, as payment of bonuses to soldiers for committing jumps). As a consequence of the highest prices of Parachute desantiruemye units around the world is greatly reduced. Another discrepancy is that there were only a few cases in which it was immediately involved a huge amount of paratroopers. Airborne troops were made relatively recently and extensively used exclusively during the second world war. At the end of the war airborne forces were considered by many as an expensive and complicated to use.

During the second World War, the United States more massively and successfully used airborne troops. '72 Back 48 volunteers formed a parachute test platoon of the U.S. Army. They already own the first mass jump August 16, 1940. The exercise was considered a success. America continued to increase the Navy, bringing the number to more than 100 thousand (all volunteers), and formed five airborne divisions (the 11th, 13th, 17th, 82nd, and one hundred and first).

Jumping with parachutes were not at that moment something new. Thus, the first jump was made (with the balloon) in 1819 (previously such jump was performed in France in 1797). First jump with a parachute from an airplane was made the Yankees in 1912. The main elements of infantry combat jumps (with the introduction of a rip cord) were developed and tested the Yankees in 1919. If the first global war continued with another year, it is entirely possible that the first military parachuting would be conducted by South American paratroopers in Germany. Instead, in May 1940, German paratroopers parachuted amazed the world with "impregnable" fortress Belgium and won it for a few hours. This event was not seen for the U.S. Army and its time she did in the world naikrupneyshie airborne forces.

In 1930 Germany and the Soviet Union made large airborne forces and constantly carried their teachings. But both Germany and the Soviet Union suffered the loss of languid during airborne operations and continued support of trained (and often many trainees) airborne troops during time War.

1st South American military parachuting was committed in North Africa in November 1942. Paratroopers of the U.S. did in the general difficulties 93 combat parachute. In time Second world war paradrop used very rarely.

Paratrooper brigades or battalions, which serve priemuschestvenno as elite infantry or special forces possess many countries of the world. In this role, not just South American Marines participated in combat operations, 70 received the Medal of Honor. Other countries have had similar experiences, but it must be emphasized that the Marines occasionally goes to use their parachutes. Israel believes that this situation may change in the recent past and preparing for it.

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