Israel is ready to kill the Syrian warehouses WMD against U.S.

Israel ready to destroy the Syrian warehouses WMD against U.S.

Rapid escalation of the Syrian crisis increases the risk that in the near future, Damascus may lose control of the arsenal of chemical and biological weapons. Free Syrian Army formed a group whose purpose — to ensure the safety of WMD. But international society is afraid that it will fall into the hands of terrorists.

In July, the Syrian army began relocation of chemical weapons. This was followed by a harsh response of the United States, who warned Assad the consequences of using weapons of mass destruction against the civilian inhabitants. But U.S. intelligence sources believe that the purpose of this measure — to prevent hit guns in the hands of enemies of the regime.

The representatives of the U.S. administration told the newspaper The New York Times, the U.S. and Israel are constant consultations on the Syrian issue. According disk imaging editions, the IDF has prepared plan to defeat the Syrian WMD arsenals, but Washington fears that the Israeli intervention unite Syrians around their president.

Israel ready to destroy the Syrian warehouses WMD against U.S.

British Daily Telegraph writes that on days of Jerusalem visited the U.S. presidential advisor on national security, Thomas Donilon. He tried to dissuade Israel from attacking Syria management. The newspaper recalls that when it comes to the existence of the danger, Israel acts without regard to the international community.

July 20 Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave an interview to Israeli television. He said that Israel to use military force to prevent falling into the hands of terrorist groups guns, capable to change the regional balance of power.

"Syria has modern air defense systems, missiles" ground-to-ground "and the chemical weapon. I have instructed the IDF to prepare for a situation when you have to see the possibility of attack," — he said to the Second channel.

Both in Israel and in the U.S. is convinced that the Assad regime has not lost control of weapons of mass destruction. Jerusalem and Washington consider it unacceptable hit into the hands of terrorists. But South American administration and the Israeli government are therefore backward views on what should be done to avoid it.

The U.S. is convinced that the problem of can be solved by starting the process of transferring power to the interim government. Israel believes that after the overthrow of Assad's Syria eternally reincarnated in government crash victim. In the conditions of anarchy, the central government will not be able to avoid falling into the hands of terrorists weapons of mass destruction.

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