Israel is ready to start a world war?

Israel is ready to start a world war?

If we analyze the recent announcements from various regions and states of Eurasia, it is possible to note the fact that the mainland deliberately pushed into the abyss of chaos in the wars and revolutions. Of this number, and the news — announced last CIA information about what Israel might in September 2011 to attack Iran.

Samples "to pour kerosene" in the embers of old times of conflict can be noted on the Korean peninsula, between Russia and Japan, Vietnam and China, the Philippines and China, Thailand and Cambodia, Pakistan, between India and Pakistan in Central Asia, in the Crimea. One of these conflicts — is enmity between Israel and Iran. The situation is worse than in the U.S., the more samples to "shake" the situation in different countries, regions of the planet, the benefit of those mass conflict. Washington's "blood from his nose," you need a great war. The war in Libya has faded — even France, the most angry supporter of the war, began to express doubts as to its finale. A need specifically the Great War, with the masses of victims that will attract the attention of the entire planet, will allow to win more time to implement the major configurations with the potential global shocks.

Strike Israel on Iran would be a very fundamental for the United States "cover operation" — Israel and the Jews a lot of enemies around the planet, the attention to this war will be the greatest. The last of the Central Intelligence Agency agent Robert Bar, who served 27 years in the Middle East, has announced that tragic scenario in an interview with radio station in Los Angeles. Kick will be done in September of this year already, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will take this step before the vote on the proclamation of independence of Palestine to the United Nations. Will war with the Israeli Air Force attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. In response, Tehran will deal available to it missile forces against Israel, South American contingent in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. The area of Israel and stormed from the territory of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip — Hamas and Hezbollah. U.S. will be "forced" to intervene — they will not look like the aggressor, he said: "Our special forces have already selected Iranian targets and are teaching."

U.S. is not going to stop Israel — previously hindered the development of such a script, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, at the present time the Pentagon has received an order to prepare for this war.

Earlier — 26 June Israel has imposed new sanctions against Iran, according to the Prime Minister's adviser Jewish state Agriculture Alex: "The government will finish with companies doing business with Iran. To promote the approved sanctions, Iran will formally proclaimed enemy state. " By this action, Israel, According to Netanyahu, a blow to Tehran's nuclear program there.

What says this leak disk imaging? Israel, the Jews again want to use as a "lightning rod" by hiding the perpetrators of this global crisis. If war starts to suffer a large population of the region will be affected by all the neighbors, almost all of the world society. Israeli attack on Iran — is like a stone from which to start an avalanche, maybe it will be one of the main fronts of the modern world war. Although it is clear that this can only be just another "false start" — messages about the dates of the war Israel and the United States against Iran have been in previous years. But if you remember the years of the second world — it may be noted that Reich's attack on France and the Soviet Union is not just tolerated, it did not abolish the overall strategy. So at this point — the U.S. anti-Iran policy orientation and Israel visible, the only question is when the strike will follow. There is a perception that before the strike on Iran, must have completed a regime change in Syria.

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