Israel is ready to storm Iran

After the South American intelligence announced that the terrain of Iran found no sign of the presence of nuclear weapons, the situation around the Iranian nuclear applets and attempts to prevent its implementation more confused. On the one hand there is a rather obvious decrease South American military enthusiasm for comparison that has been first year. On the other hand is showing more concern on the part of Israel about the fact that the world can simply "sleep" time of receipt of Iran's nuclear bomb.

Israel is ready to attack Iran

In this regard, held a number of mutual consultation Israel and the United States about the likely operation against Iran. If you believe the results of one of these consultations, Israel ready to strike Iran's nuclear facilities without waiting for the formal approval of Washington. But many found the Israelites in these statements a certain proportion of guile. There was a perception that the likely green light by Washington to Tel Aviv all the same data, but it is still lurking on the official level. Undercover should conceal themselves the role of the degree of Yankees first operation. In other words, the South American side simply longs to start operation against Iran, if such generally held, hands Israel. And Israel is prepared to take on that role of "destroyer" of Iran's nuclear facilities without the direct support Tipo States. In such a situation, the South American intelligence remains untarnished, and all the laurels of victory or, and this is not possible, the bitterness of defeat would get only the Israelis, to which Washington is ready to go.

Adds fuel to the fire, and all-knowing website WikiLeaks, which had published almost discouraging evidence that Israel has already started its own operation to eliminate Iran's nuclear capabilities. Wikileaks gave the public the hidden information that is collected by analyst firm Stratfor GI. This agency, which employs a retired CIA U.S. law enforcement agencies, is the unofficial title of "shadow CIA." So here, according to the specific Stratfor GI, at the end of last year, the Israelis conducted a successful operation on the territory of Iran by organizing a series of explosions at a military base near Tehran. In the documents, namely, states, and that the now-de after hitting the Iranian military base of the country can take nearly naked hands.

If you believe this information (and the website Wikileaks in the near future tend to believe in the various countries of the world), it turns out that Tel Aviv is "probed" Iranian soil, and is now ready to complete the initiated, conducted full consultation with Washington. It turns out that the lull in respect of a possible war with Iran — less than a red herring, which indirectly "open» Wikileaks.

But if so, it is necessary to examine the way in which might look a possible intervention Israel in Iran, and whether there is real strength in Tel Aviv, so that in down and spread the remains of Iranian nuclear facilities.

First we need to say that most of these nuclear sites in Iran is very, very much. According to some reports, their number can be up to hundreds, and for all that all of the objects are scattered around the country. In this regard, Israel would have to disperse its forces and to spend a few 10 s operations in different parts of the Iranian Republic. But it looks very much unlikely. In 1-x, the scattered units of the Israeli special forces may be good targets for the Iranian armed forces, and in-2, as many Israeli soldiers still need to find to cover the whole of Iran for its special forces.

But experts at they say that if Israel and will begin the operation, the military units can storm the only major centers of Iran's nuclear development. Such centers are Tehran's training center nuclear scientists; reactor "Qatran" for such compounds as languid water; research body in Isfahan, Bushehr (the Israelis suspect that there enriched to 3-4% uranium Iranians can be used for military goals while continuing the enrichment process) also nuclear facility in Natanz.

Maybe these objects are specifically marked as main objectives to the map of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. If so, then the puzzle will make not only the Israeli air force, and the special "deep divisions". This version provides even then, that in November 2011 Israeli General Gantz's signature in order to develop a deep-Command of the Israeli operations. The main objective of Command is the ability to control those special forces units that will be deployed to another area of the country. In this state, of course, may be Iran, Syria and of the training of local militants by Israeli special forces has been the place to be. Composition of the deep divisions in Israel is a follow-up scene: 669th unit of the Air Force General Staff of the Israeli Special Forces, Navy SEALs, soldiers of the 13th Flotilla Navy, Marines of the 35th Parachute Brigade. Specifically, the 35th PDB Israel not so long ago held large-scale exercises with the landing of more than a thousand people of the personnel, and the military units conducted 669 training operation to search for downed aircraft pilots on the ground of an imaginary enemy.

Need to see that the story Israel knows a lot of facts successful operations of the Israeli special forces outside the country. One of the operations, which is described as an ideal, was carried out by Israeli commandos in 1973 during the so-called War Judgment of days. Then the Israeli paratroopers found the gap between with 2 Egyptian armies in the Suez Canal, then dug in on this beachhead and established communication with the main forces of the Israeli army. Further division generals and Adana Sharon simply crushed the Egyptian troops and nearly reached Cairo. By the way, then the United States had advised Israel to "press on the brakes."

In favor of the use of a particular ground forces from the Israel and states that many of Iran's nuclear facilities are nestled deep in the earth. Now South American professionals in the sector of military equipment are inclined to believe that neither the U.S. nor the more so Israel has no such weapons, which could harm the fact that Iran is hiding in the mountainous interior. Even the introduction of American bombs GBU-28 with 2-ton charge can not guarantee the destruction of several Iranian facilities. Already, the Pentagon has requested additional funds in order to upgrade the bunker bomb GBU-57. And while modernization is, or is expected to act, or by conventional methods — to conduct ground operations.

Meanwhile, in order to be able to keep control of the probable course of the operation from the north, Israel is going to allocate Azerbaijan UAVs and modern pieces of equipment worth more than 1.5 billion. bucks. A Baku is not going to turn away from such assistance, which is a very bad reaction from Tehran.

In the end, you can read about that Tel Aviv is trying to show its determination in addressing the likely Iranian issue, and one never knows, indeed, try to play the Iranian card in recent years, using its capabilities and tacit approval of the West.

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