Israel launched a metal dome

Israel launched the "Iron Dome"Air force Israel have deployed the first battery of the new system of missile defense "Metal dome"(Iron Dome) in the south of the country near the town of Be'er Sheva, reports Agence France-Presse. System was placed on the experimental shift. According to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, "Metal dome"Is still in the experimental stage of creation and can not provide complete protection areas of the country from missile attack.

By the time the true Air Force Israel got hold two batteries "steel dome." Where exactly will be rolled out the second, is not yet clear. Israel postponed deployment of anti-missile systems to the nearest time, arguing that the military needed more time to study the appeal with the newest system. Both ordered the battery was stored in one of the air bases in central Israel. Initially, it was planned to deploy missile defense system in the summer of 2010, but the deadline was later shifted to November, and later on the first quarter of 2011.

According to the specifications of the complex made by the Israeli company Rafael, system can ensure the interception of missiles fired from a distance of 4 to 70 km. With all this system able to assess where in the fall and if the enemy missile impact site will be in an unpopulated area, antimissile not started. The composition of one battery includes three launchers with 20 Tamir interceptor missiles any, the center of the fire control radar and multi-purpose EL/M-2084 manufactured by Elta Systems.

Israel's Defense Ministry earlier announced plans to deploy a "steel dome", the first battery which should be located on the border of the Gaza Strip, and later — along the border with Lebanon. According to the military, to fully cover the northern and southern regions of Israel would need 20 panels, each of which is capable of providing missile security area of 150 square kilometers.

Israel wants to form a multi-layered missile defense system, which, except for "steel dome", will also include new protivoballisticheskie missiles "Strela-3" (Arrow-3) and anti-missile complexes "David's Sling" (David's Sling).

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