Israel launched a third Metal Dome

Israel launched a third "Iron Dome"The Israel Defense Forces on August 31 launched a third consecutive battery missile systems "Metal dome"Districts in the town of Ashdod, reports referring to the newspaper Haaretz.

"Deployment of a missile defense system in Ashdod is part of the critical measures that I announced a few weeks back. Brand new battery is not verbally, but actually serve to protect people of Israel from missile attacks, "- said the Minister of Defense Ehud Barak.

Mayor Ashdod Iekhiel Lasri, in turn, thanked the military for the timeliness of the act: in Israel on September 1, the school year begins. "People will feel more secure," — said the mayor.

Barak replied that all over the country for 2-years will be deployed nine "steel dome."

The main task is deployed missile destruction unguided rockets and mortars launched the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli towns in the south of the country. For the near future, they have proved to be effective, catching two 10-ka Arabs launched projectiles. Coupled with the fact during burst missile launch "Metal dome"Sovladevaet not always — some shells reach the outskirts of their goals.

System "Metal dome"Consists of a control center, radar, and 3 anti-missile systems on 20 missiles each. Complex is designed to intercept missiles with a different range of up to 70 km, is able to determine the location of the enemy and drop ordnance team to cancel its destruction, if he should fall into the unpopulated area.

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