Israel launched ballistic missile

Israel launched ballistic missileIsrael Wednesday successfully tested rocket propulsion. During the tests, the Israeli Air Force from the landfill in Palmahime in central Israel carried out start missiles, reports Jerusalem Post.

According to the publication, formed as a result of starting a trace of smoke in the morning on Wednesday was seen by many residents of the central part of the country.

The Ministry of Defence Israel said tests are planned and were successful. Details were not disclosed. "Tests were planned by the Ministry of Defence has long been and gone regularly, on schedule," — said in a vserasprostranennom defense ministry statement quoted "Reuters".

The Israeli military refused to comment on the show in the local media reports that the newcomer was tested ballistic rocket.

Israel is the only Middle Eastern country with nuclear weapon. In 2008, the Jewish government successfully tested a two-stage rocket distant radius acts.

Military observers say that the Israeli rocket "Jericho" with a range of 1,800 km is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. It is believed that Israel missiles with nuclear warheads equipped aircraft F-16 and F-15, also missile "Jericho-1" and "Jericho-2". In addition, the country has the most advanced in the Middle East, the system of air and missile defense. In addition, the September 19, 1988 by Israel as a three-stage rocket "Shavit" was launched into orbit satellite "Ofek-1" ("Horizon"), a Jewish government that came into gallakticheskuyu era.

Present start coincided with rumors that Israel Tipo is preparing for military action against Iran over concerns that Tehran is developing a nuclear weapon. Iran says its nuclear programm is peaceful disposition.

During a speech at the opening of the winter session of the Knesset on Mon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again stressed that Iran — in the case of possession of nuclear weapon — would represent a severe threat to international community and Israel.

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