Israel must be destroyed

Israel must be destroyedNovember 7, 2011: Palestine (which is practically only 60 percent of Palestinians living in the West Bank) again got a problem. Favorite of the Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has recently said flatly in an interview with Egyptian television that the PA will never recognize government Israel, and was determined kill Israel. Although at least some who are looking for Palestinian Arabic-language media (especially TV), knows this is the PA to the UN and non-Muslim world as a striving for peace with Israel and a Palestinian country, which would coexist with Israel. But Palestinian TV and newspapers constantly depict Israel because as if it does not exist. On the maps of the region show Israel as part of a larger Palestine. All that is exposed as an indisputable fact, in particular in schools.

Another 40 percent Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas (recognized internationally as a terrorist organization). Hamas is more straightforward in its goal to kill Israel and do not pretend to be in talks to develop a 2-country for 2-people.

When asked about his controversial statements about the existence of Israel, the PA is trying to be evasive or changing the subject. It is a growing resentment in the middle of some Western countries, in particular USA. This is a serious discrepancy for Palestinians, as these countries provide a large part of the money and products that support the Palestinian ability to pay. As a result of this, the Palestinians are trying to get more money from the Arab oil countries, and it is difficult, so the Palestinians have a reputation for taking bad decisions and exposing their own patrons in a bad light. The Palestinians, for example, were davneshnimi admirers and supporters of Saddam Hussein and mourned his removal from power, the capture and execution in the period between 2003 and 2006. Arab countries do not conceal their own contempt for the Palestinians as much as they used to do earlier.

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