Israel — Palestine: a thousand-to-one

Israel - Palestine: a thousand-to-oneBuying Shalit, Israel has once again shown that for him the value of life of every citizen of its own — not just empty words. Striking out accompli exchange: literally a thousand to one. The saga of Shalit — one of the few success stories for the entire period of the modern Arab-Israeli relations, the finale of which are fully satisfied all parties.

But Israel still no universal ecstatic about the exchange. There are also disappointed. Some Israelis believe that the main problem of the exchange is not in its proportions, and that the released Palestinians, according to the views of some Israelis to continue their terrorist activities against Israel. Until nedavneshnego time of this presentation was held by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, if exchange perfect means Prime changed his outlook or, at least, was obliged to throw it at you. What considerations could be handled by Netanyahu, giving a nod to the commission of the exchange?

Point is that exchange Corporal perceived by most Israelis as the best confirmation of the existing democratic government, its most generous intentions in regard to their own people. Recall that in the last couple of years has been the release of Shalit for Israel is sensitive to component state idea.

Another prerequisite for making historical exchange with the Palestinians has become an extraordinary growth of social tension in Israeli society. Who knows, maybe Shalit is not released from captivity in store as the fire extinguisher in case of fire spreading revolutions in the Arab area of Israel? Release Shalit — a beautiful opportunity to divert public attention from social problems.

The release of Shalit — an obvious diplomatic success of the Israeli authorities, and favorites, as you know, do not judge. Apart from this, if the possibility of release Shalit by force really was, the Israeli intelligence is unlikely to not use it. The leaders of the Israeli secret service, apparently perceived into account the fact that the possibility of negotiations with Hamas in the near future may very abyss. The agreement with Hamas Timeout likely to follow reasons.

Relatively recent IDF operation "Cast Lead" military showed the failure of Hamas. The defeat of the Branch put into question Israel's ability to solve at least some issues through negotiations. Because the repetition of similar operations could result in the Arab-Israeli affairs to the final collapse.

Against the background of discussions on the recognition of Palestinian statehood Abbas's popularity has risen to extraordinary proportions, it came out including in Gaza, threatening, most recently, absolutely deny Hamas the right to vote.

In addition, the position of President Assad of Syria, which supports Hamas, seriously aggravated. Support for Hamas from Damascus slabnet. On Iran, the authorities in Gaza also hopes to occur. Iran, which is under pressure from a large part of international society, probably allocated to support Hamas even less money than before, as it should, lately the movement will find support from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in other words, those states that you can name more priklnnymi West and Israel.

And more one reason in favor of the fact that Israel was worth to hurry up with the release of Shalit, is that the active position on this issue has taken Turkey. Israeli President Peres even said that "despite the contradictions existing between us, Turkish side leave them aside and chose to humanity politics. " It is clear that the Turkish security forces cooperated with all involved parties to the exchange. Why is Turkey so intensively facilitating negotiations on the exchange of Shalit for Palestinian prisoners? The reason for its active role in the process is trivial: Turkey has long been trying to play a more significant role in the region, trying by all means likely to influence the course of the Arab-Israeli peace process. And Ankara With years of success in this particular: the degree of mistrust between Israel and Turkey has declined substantially.

It seems however, the main result of accomplished exchange is to reduce the stress in the Holy Land, in relief of the potential for conflict. So Makar, from the accomplished sharing 1st to win a thousand, to varying degrees, all participants of the Middle East settlement.

And once again the scale of the exchange. We can only guess, but what if in place of Corporal Shalit would have been a corporal of Tabernacles, would be our home exchange it for a thousand enemy prisoners of war?

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