Israel — Palestinian Authority: prepyadstviya solution to the current time is unrealistic

Israel - Palestinian Authority: the problem is not currently possible Oct. 26 in Jerusalem and Ramallah, representatives of the "Quartet" of Middle East mediators (Our homeland, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations) held separate meetings with Israeli citizens and Palestinians in the hope to move the deadlock over the issue of the future Palestine. The outcome of these negotiations was the agreement of both parties to push a 3-month term proposals on territorial issues. During the six months to plan the "quartet" of Israel and Palestine should make huge progress. And in the spring of 2012 will be able to convene a conference on the Middle East in the capital of Russia. And this despite the fact that de facto sovereignty Palestine 131 countries have already recognized.

If it were not for the fact that these promises have not once been given earlier and the Metropolitan Conference postponed more than one or twice, the international media could talk about the significant successes of the "quartet" of mediators. In the end, it is clear that this is just another little break. And the reason for optimism in this matter, especially given the fact that the recent actions in the Middle East only complicate the situation.

Understand this fact, and the negotiators themselves. So, Tony Blair (Prime Minister of England in 1997-2007) made a statement to the effect that the ongoing revolutions in the Arab world complicate the process of the Palestinian-Israeli settlement. According to the Englishman, well, when the population of Arab States is committed to democracy, but in the short run, this process reduces the stability of the Middle East region and can make it difficult for the country of Israel and the peace process.

The representative of the Palestinian Saeb Erekat reiterated the installation of the vast majority of today's Arab and Muslim politicians, highlighting that the only obstacle to peace in the region is the occupation of the Palestinian territories by Jews. For its part the Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Avigdor Lieberman referred to the main problem of the peaceful settlement of the present head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas' government.

The fact that Jerusalem had lost all hope in the region not only to support, and to neutrality, has confirmed his words, the master of Jordan Abdullah II. The monarch said in an interview with CNN, NBC, that being one of the greatest optimists in the Middle East, it is now for the first time experiencing pessimism about the Palestinian problem. According to the views of the Jordanian king, Jerusalem is not interested in solving the problems of Palestine on the basis of the principle of "two of the country for 2-people."

Worldview that hitch Palestine at the current time and the current international legal framework simply is not solvable, confirmed on October 24 in Moscow at the conference "20 years of Russian-Israeli relations" by two professionals. The last Russian diplomat who worked for many years in the Jewish state, and now a scientist Alexander Krylov and Israeli Major General Retired, former head of the Council of National Security of Israel Giora Eiland. The conference was held at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Alexander Krylov, speaking on the activities of the "quartet" of Middle East mediators is actually a decade of existence, said to untangle this knot prepyadstviya the Middle East will not be feasible until such time as kept constant international legal framework for negotiations. UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, which were based on the road map of the "quartet" and which is constantly mentioned negotiators are almost obsolete and are stupid because they do not correspond to the current reality. According to the views of the scientist, in 10-15 years will read about, the Jewish government just suck the area of the West Bank. Moreover, in today's criteria, when the Arab states rocked by unrest, revolutions, wars, is strengthening constructive attitudes, Jerusalem just can not afford to have their own borders is another government that hates the Jewish people and government. It's just stupid.

For its part Israel retiree, in an interview with the Russian media, did not rule out that capacity that, in the event of the failure of negotiations on the future of Palestine, on the ground of autonomy could break out a new uprising (Intifada) or it will be raffled own script Arab revolution. Echoing the words of Russian general professional and does not believe in the good outcome of the negotiations under current criteria. In addition, the Island believes that the management of Palestine and Israel is beneficial the process of peace negotiations, not their good result. To end the negotiations need to make serious concessions, compromise, which automatically cause an explosion of discontent significant part of the population. And discontent in Palestine may lead to an armed confrontation between Fatah and Hamas. Even if agreement is reached, there is a possibility that it just will not be realized.

Management Palestine and Israel in almost all playing, showing off her intrigued in resolving prepyadstviya. It is crucial for the peace of the world population and society. With all of this, Palestinian and Israeli politicians are not averse to blame for the failure of negotiations the other side.

Island notes that on the basis of the principle of "two of the country for 2-people" the agreement is unlikely to turn out to accomplish. Need a new way. The situation is dramatically complicates segodnyaschy situation in the region. Future is uncertain, so many questions to which no answers. Who will get the power in Egypt? Do not cancel the Cairo Camp David Accords with Jerusalem? What will happen with Syria? How to change the situation in the region after the final withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, and after amplification in the Middle East, Iran, and Turkey's position? As further cases will emerge Israel and Turkey? Because to make concessions (especially territorial) in the current situation of Jerusalem is not entitled, they can lead to disaster.

Apparently, Israel will continue to tighten control talks, winning time that suits both Palestinian rule. Greater Israel-Palestine conflict is not needed. However, it should take into account the factor of a third force — Management USA (Anglo-Saxon project) in order to cause a catastrophe in the region, the latest Arab-Israeli war, might have to bring Israel to sacrifice its own global strategy.

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