Israel prematurely release the latest version of the missile complex

Israel prematurely release a new version of the missile complex

Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems defected to clock mode for the sake of growth of supply for the IDF missile complex "Metal the dome. "As reported Defense News, the company also plans to finish ahead of a modernized version of"Steel dome"To protect the country from Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip.

According disk imaging publications, the first upgrade to level 2 Block was new 5th battery "Steel dome." The main feature of Block 2 will be to increase the coverage area of the complex defense and its effectiveness in intercepting targets.

As explained to the publication of Representatives Rafael, Defense Israel decided to prematurely end the testing of the fifth battery "steel dome" and start using it in combat criteria. According disk imaging The Jerusalem Post, has launched a fifth battery near Tel Aviv.

At the current time, Rafael is also preparing to upgrade four existing complex missile batteries. According to a spokesman Rafael, who was quoted by the publication, the introduction of the enterprise-third (night) shift was made possible thanks to the United States, which gave Israel 205 million dollars.

According to Defense News, a night shift at the municipal enterprise entered on November 14. On the same day the IDF launched a large-scale military operation against Palestinian militants fired on Israeli areas. Since the beginning of the conflict intensifies four batteries "steel dome" seized more than 100 Palestinian rockets and shells.

According to the Associated Press, with the military operation began on 14 November by the Palestinians dead 81 people, about half of which — the peaceful inhabitants. Injuring about 720 people. On the Israeli side, killing three civilians occupant.

Complex "Metal dome"Is a 3-piece and multi-layered missile defense of Israel. Complement the complex" David's Sling "and" Boom. "In addition, armed Israeli complexes are South American Patriot.

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