Israel preparing for the Third Lebanon War?

Israel preparing for the "Third Lebanon War"?Border incident on the Lebanese-Israeli border, as a result in the death of two soldiers of the Lebanese army and the journalist of the newspaper "Al-Akbar", was also killed by Army Lt. Col. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Dov Harari, who was wounded, and next to him the captain, could be a prelude scale combat action, as it was in 2006.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the Israeli army to respond to at least some fire from the Lebanese side. Netanyahu laid directly responsible to Lebanon for "provocations against Israel with violence."

Israel's Foreign Ministry warned that Lebanon was expected "consequences" if the violence does not end at the border. In turn, Prime Minister Saad Hariri condemned the "anger Israel"And said that Israel violated the sovereignty of his country.

More aggressive statement made on Tuesday evening favorite of movement "Hezbollah" Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, who addressed his supporters in the southern suburbs of Beirut. "We cut off the Israeli hand that dares to encroach upon the Lebanese army," — he said.

In his speech to mark the four-year anniversary of the end of the war between Israel and "Hezbollah", Sheikh Nasrallah warned that "resistance fighters" will not stand by in case of "new attacks" by Israel. Recall that four years back in southern Lebanon in July and August for 34 days militia movement "Hezbollah" waged fierce battles with the Israeli army, inflicting significant damage.

This armed conflict, which Israel called the "second Lebanon war" was triggered by rocket and mortar fire from July 12, 2006 by militants "Hezbollah" reinforced fr "Nurit" and frontier populations Fri Shlomi in northern Israel. In the shelling injured 11 people.

Almost immediately, the militants 'Hezbollah' attacked Israeli border patrol, killing 3 and capturing 2-IDF soldier.

Israel immediately responded army operation codenamed "Decent wages" (in Hebrew — "Sugar Holem"). During ground operation the Israeli army failed to advance deep into Lebanese areas by 15-20 km, go to the Litani River and is largely occupied clear out the area from militants "of Hezbollah." In addition, the military actions in southern Lebanon were accompanied by continuous bombing villages Fri and infrastructure in all areas of Lebanon.

In turn, the rebels "Hezbollah" was conducted during the month of unprecedented massive rocket bombardment of northern towns and settlements Israel. Martial act lasted from July 12 to August 14, 2006, when, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution was declared a cease-fire. The bloody outcome of the war — in 1200 killed the inhabitants of Lebanon and 160 Israelis.

October 1, 2006 he graduated from the withdrawal of Israel from the territory of South Lebanon. Control of south Lebanon is one hundred percent went to government departments Lebanese army and UN peacekeepers. By the beginning of October in the south Lebanon have already been deployed around 10 thousand Lebanese soldiers and more than 5 thousand peacekeepers.

…Retains four years of uneasy peace on the border Lebanon Israel now and again put under threat. Both sides blame each other and the first conflict in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2006 on the cessation of hostilities between the adjacent stranami.Vlasti Lebanon report that Israel subjected to ground and air bombardment border village Adayseh, resulting in killing two Lebanese soldier and journalist (and several people were injured.) Israel claims that the Lebanese snipers killed a senior Israeli army officer and seriously wounded another. The clash was over in just a few hours of fierce firefight.

Will it now to avoid a new conflict between Lebanon and Israel? It seems that someone has decided to meet the fourth anniversary of the "second Lebanon war" start "third".

Peacekeepers inspected the place where yesterday was killed by IDF Lieutenant Colonel Dov Harari and wounded reservist Maj. Ezra Lahiya, and concluded that the Israeli military did not violate the Lebanese border. From this it follows that the Israeli shelling of the Lebanese side was unreasonable and in violation of UN Security Council resolution number 1701.

Israel, as has been reported, even earlier declared himself the injured party. Who are some hot heads in Tel Aviv calling for retribution. They argue that the Lebanese army ambushed IDF troops. The UN Security Council on the critical meeting expressed deep concern about a shooting that occurred on Tuesday, calling on the parties to exercise restraint.

In a statement, white houses said that Washington "very concerned" about the outbreak of violence. "The region is already tense situation" — highlighted the U.S. State Department Philip Crowley. "We do not have lusted after, that the incident escalated into something more severe." Our homeland is also concerned about the incident, as stated by the representative of the Russian Federation unchanged to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

"This episode showed how fragile the situation along the" blue band "(separating the Lebanese and Israeli sides) and how much attention to the Security Council and the international community should give this situation as that for its normalization to make even a big way."

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