Israel refused to sell UAE drones Dominator

Israel refused to sell UAE drones Dominator

Israeli Ministry of Defense has been blocked deal the sale to the United Arab Emirates drones Dominator XP. Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems, seeks to build unmanned aerial vehicles, the reason for the ban is not explained. Israel's Defense Ministry also did not disclose the reason for blocking the supply of Dominator XP UAE.

UAE, in turn, said that Israel had received advance payment for vehicles, and to begin delivery UAVs had most recently. It is not clear at what time the deal was made with the United Arab Emirates. In 2011, the company ADS was announced, the first export contract for the supply of Dominator XP, which was allowed to export in May 2011. But so far not disclosed any amount of the transaction, nor the title of the buyer country.

Dominator XP drone was created on the basis of four-passenger airplane Diamond DA42. The machine can build up speed to 350 km / h, the duration of the flight — 28 hours. Flight altitude Dominator XP can be up to 9.2 thousand meters. Payload, which is able to take on board apparatus, equal to 300 kilograms.

It is noted that Israel will soon become more aggressively regulate their own export policy. In December last year, the Israeli government had blocked the deal with Turkey, on which this country was to be funded Lorop intelligence systems for the Air Force. Data provided Israel's Defense Ministry, they say that the instruments developed for the delivery, a prototype sverhtehnologichnym Israeli defense products.

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