Israel replaces the 155-mm howitzer smart missiles

Israel replaces the 155-mm howitzer smart missiles

Israel decided to change their forties 155mm M109 self-propelled artillery to missiles. A year earlier, it was decided that the M109 self-propelled guns can no longer be updated and modernized and should be changed. Initially regarded as a substitute for other artillery systems in Israel but later recalled that two years back America offered them induced by GPS rocket. Despite the fact that these missiles were more expensive than similar missiles developed in Israel, they were more effective and even more than a cheap than unguided artillery shells. So now M109 replaced by guided missiles.

This is a radical change in the artillery armament was a result of the war with Hezbollah in 2006, the year when the Israelis found that they could not cause enough damage to Hezbollah bunkers, even despite the more than 120,000 issued on them unguided 155-mm shells (in the top of the howitzer M109). At the same time, it was a successful inhibition of these targets in Iraq and Afghanistan, South American 227 — mm MLRS with GPS guidance. Thus, Israel has equipped its 160-mm rockets Accular guidance system on the signals GPS. These 110 pound rocket own range of 40 km and can kill with one missile silo.

Before Israel has adopted a suggestive for GPS missiles, he used more than a cheap, but less clear systems of missiles. The main component was their system line adjustment of the rocket (Trajectory Correction System, TCS), which has been installed on the South American 227-mm rockets MLRS, also on the Israeli 160-mm rockets. Trim System line of motion than the guidance system has a radio channel. TCS ground component consists of a control unit that tracks down the position of the missile in flight, calculates the location of intended fall and sends commands to the guidance system (small flaps) missile. This system gives the missile, at least, such as precisely as unguided artillery shells. It should be emphasized that the TCS less than induced by GPS rocket. Israel has purchased 48 launchers MLRS in 1990, but in the main uses them to fire rockets.

Israel is considered an advantage missiles induced by GPS, in certain situations. For example, Israel has developed a rocket LORA (Long Range Artillery Rocket), similar to the South American ATACMS. Any rocket LORA weighs 1.23 tons and carries a warhead weighing half a ton. At a distance of 300 km on the induced GPS rocket has an accuracy of 10 meters. But these missiles are not cheap. South American ATACMS, launched from the MLRS container (usually in such containers are placed 6 standard MLRS rockets) are worth a million bucks either. Very often the introduction of the common smart bomb is much cheaper ($ 50,000), unless, of course, have the opportunity to use them. But if there is no near aircraft or control over air space, the target can be hit by a missile LORA within 10 minutes of receipt of the order.

Israel intends to change a lot of artillery shells, missiles and air-to-ground bombs induced by GPS missiles that can hit more targets have the least amount of rockets and artillery shells.

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