Israel resumed flights own the largest unmanned aircraft

Israel resumed flying its biggest dronesIsrael Air Force resumed flights own the largest unmanned aerial vehicles Eitan (Heron-TP), suspended at the end of January 2012. As reported by the Department of Defense Israel, decision on the resumption of flights was made on September 7 after the Air Force conducted flight tests of the device. Recently, Eitan drones return to flight operations without restriction.

The reason for the suspension of flights Eitan in January 2012 was the loss of the 1st such device during a test flight. According to the investigation, during which all were tested flight data crashed the machine, as the design and properties of all Eitan, prerequisite crash UAV was married in the manufacture of the wing. UAV made test flight the additional load on the wing.

According to the head of a real support for the armed forces of Israel Brigadier Rana Davi (Ran Lavi), the Air Force after the completion of the investigation should produce very little two test flights each Eitan, taken into service before that allow UAVs to perform daily tasks. These tests will verify the reliability of the design aids.

Eitan developed by Israel Aerospace Industries on the basis of UAV Heron. It differs bolshennymi dimensions, namely, Eitan wingspan is 26 meters, and compare with the passenger airliner Boeing 737. Payload drone belonging to the class of high-altitude reconnaissance units of long duration flight is about 2-tons.

Israeli apparatus can equip a variety of intelligence equipment, and missiles and bombs for pinpoint strikes on enemy targets.

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