Israel sent a military attache of the Russian Federation

Israel sent a military attache RussiaIsrael sent the Russians in response to the same acts with the Russian side. May 14, 2011 Russia was obliged to leave Vadim Leiderman, who served as a military attache the Israeli embassy in Moscow.

As reported by the newspaper "Haaretz", it came out four months back, but the source in the Israeli Foreign Ministry said this only for the moment. Name ousted diplomat of in the department did not name.

On the official website of the Embassy reported that the expulsion of a Russian citizen of Israel, was a response to such acts from the Russian side: May 14, Israel was obliged to leave Vadim Leiderman, who at the Israeli Embassy in Moscow, worked as a military attache. Leiderman Russia asked to leave because he was suspected of spying, and for lobbying products of Israeli companies, reports "Business Petersburg".

Leiderman's expulsion was the premise of the conflict in the Israeli leadership: the military sought a symmetrical response to Russians but The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, not lusted inflate scandal, also directed attention to the fact that military attache in fact exceeded the capacity. Israeli diplomats are reminded that prior to the expulsion Russian side three times to file complaints about excessive activity Leiderman, but he did not finish the attempts to obtain sensitive information.

Yet the Israeli Ministry of Defense in this dispute was the winner, followed by military attache of the Russian Federation has been declared a person non grata.

At the request of a source publication in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the two countries have appointed new military attaché, but this fact did not receive publicity. Diplomats to work in the criteria of serious limitations. So, for example, an Israeli diplomat in Moscow for a few months of work managed to negotiate with only a few representatives of the Ministry of Defense.

Expulsion of Israeli military attache in 2011 became a prerequisite for the diplomatic scandal. The Israelis announced at the time that these actions were not justified in any way, and the Russian side insisted that Leiderman almost catch the hand during the preparation of the citizen RF hidden documents.

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