Israel sozdact tank with a laser gun

Israel sozdact tank with a laser gun

Management plans by the IDF in 2020 to create a new Israeli military main battle tank, which will replace the tanks Merkava. As reported by The Jerusalem Post, citing Brigadier General Yigalya Slovik, the new tank may get an electric or laser gun.

According Slovik, modern laser and electric instrument has a very bolshennymi sizes for tanks. Further dimensions of such guns can be significantly reduced.

In addition to electrical or laser gun new tank can obtain a hybrid propulsion system. Thanks to the massive storage batteries in store promising progress of the tank will be significantly higher than that of existing models.

According disk imaging publications, new armor on tanks, in all probability, will be comparable to the light. Basic protective function will assign to the active tank defense system that Israel has accepted the nedavneshnih armament. In 2011, the Trophy active protection system, which is reflected grenade shell fired by a tank Merkava in the Gaza Strip.

At the current time, a more modern tank in service with the IDF is Merkava Mk4, adopted by the armament 2003. In total, in service of Israel are above the 1,500 tanks Merkava different generations.

The development of electric instruments in the United States are also involved. In February 2012, the South American military began testing the industrial layout design railgun BAE Systems. These guns, namely, planned to equip destroyers like "Zumvalt" U.S. Navy.

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