Israel stops its nuclear power plant to a possible war with Iran

Israel stops its nuclear power plants before the start of a possible war with IranIsrael began preliminary work to stop the nuclear reactor in Dimona Nuclear Research cent. This transaction is related to concerns over the vulnerability of the reactor to possible Iranian missile attacks. For information about this extended weekly "Sunday Times" (London).

Last week the Israeli army spokesman said that Iran "now has at least 15 thousand missiles of various ranges act, and they are fully able to reach Israel."

"Sunday Times" said that Israel's top management has concluded that nuclear reactor "In the case of a missile strike is not impenetrable," even despite the fact that the object located in the Negev desert in the south Israel, has a strong defense air defense systems. But it was not sufficient. Specifically, it would have affected the decision shut down the reactor.

The reactor Dimona, built in 1964, is the second Oldest Acquisition working reactor in the world.

Coupled with the fact Weekly reports that, according to Israeli military rule developed the plan, "this nuclear reactor must be stopped before the probable U.S. operations or Israel to eliminate Iran's nuclear capability. "Estimates of professionals reactor shutdown will take some time. Apparently, the question of a few weeks.

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