Israel subsequent victim of the global crisis?

Israel is the next victim of the global crisis?

Israel, apparently, did not escape the fate of victims of the global crisis processes. About it and they say the last foreign policy actions and start a new "exodus" of Jews from Israel. So, on August 18, on the ground of Egypt, which borders Israel killed several Egyptian soldiers. According to the report, voiced by municipal news agency of Egypt, the Egyptian military has been fired from an Israeli helicopter that uchastvovaval in the operation to eliminate the terrorists who had organized on the same day a triple bombing in the town of Eilat. In Cairo, the Arabs in the Israeli Embassy protested, the authorities were obliged to strengthen the protection of the embassy. August 20th Cairo decided to recall its ambassador from Israel.

This event happened on the background of the Israeli army attacks on the Gaza Strip in response to the terrorist attack near the town of Eilat. Although earlier about his own innocence to events near Eilat said Palestinian movements Hamas and "Islamic Jihad." Hamas spokesman in general put forward the theory that the attacks — Israeli authorities' attempt to divert their populations from the political crisis (in the State of Israel in July are numerous stocks of public protest, which was even called a "revolution"). A representative of the "Islamic Jihad", referred to the terrorist acts of "payment for the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people and all the peoples of the region."

After the rocket attacks Israel, the Palestinian movement Hamas ("Islamic Resistance Movement" — a ruling in 2007 in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Islamist movement and political party) has announced the termination of acting de facto truce with Israel, it has been in force since the beginning of 2009. In one of the radio stations that broadcast in Gaza broadcast the news: "More than any truce with the enemy."

And this is happening against the background of general destabilization of the situation in the Arab world, on the basis of these events, it becomes clear and the desire of the Jews to find a more measured area for life, without constant threat of war, rocket attacks and terrorist acts.

In addition, in September 2011, the world is waiting for the proclamation of the sovereign country of Palestine within the 1967 borders. It is clear that this event does not change the balance of instantaneous power in the Middle East. But you can read about what the event would be a major blow to the style of Israel and show the world (especially Arabs and Muslims) that its regional leadership quickly goes away. This event will be one link in a chain of tectonic political shifts in the Middle East. Indeed, judging by recent events, the Anglo-Saxons have chosen the Middle East as a zone of "fire" in an attempt to solve their problems at the expense of others. And in the course of these events, Israel is death — the chances of it more than the fact that he will survive and be able to implement the scenario of "Greater Israel". Bet on the highest military technology will not save him, very unequal strength, for comparison — in Israel for less than 8 million people in Egypt — more than 80 million In addition, today's Jews are not the same as in the 60s, these raised public use, breathe for the "Greater Israel" is not zahochut. The death of the Soviet Union led to a machine that scenario — the only condition for the survival of the country's existence was a Jew bipolar system. And at the base Israel, its leaders understood that for the U.S. to remain neutral, the transition is in the 60s on the side of Washington, has led to an imbalance of forces. And now the favorites in the "cold war", ready to undermine the Middle East (already undermined), although such a course of events, Israel is under attack. Its just a sacrifice, Israel appointed a "scapegoat." In the end, it turns out that the Jews (especially Russia and the Middle East) are actually interested in the restoration of the bipolar system, in the restoration of the Eastern Empire. In such a scenario, Israel has a chance at life.

Background: The mass emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union, began with the 70s of the 20th century. In Palestine at constant residence before leaving: in the 30s, and at the end of the 40s — then of the Russian Union left a lot of military officers and even generals, the obstacles they did not repaired even faster encouraged, so K. believed that such makarom Moscow secures its presence in the Middle East. But then, after the death of Joseph Stalin, the foreign-way roads of Israel and of the Red Empire forever separated, and emigration turned. The exodus of Jews from the Soviet Union allowed only in the 70s. Total from 1970 to 2006 year of the USSR and the Russian Federation went to "the promised land" almost 2 million Jews. However, until Israel drove not all Jews, some had found refuge in Germany and the U.S., about half a million people.

Vorachivayutsya Jews in Russia?

At the current time, Israel is home to over 1 million Russian Jews (from the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation). They did not assimilate in Israel: they say in Russian, read Russian books, newspapers, magazines, staring Russian TV channels. They identify themselves more with the Russian culture if the Israeli. But before nedavneshnego time thinking about returning to Russia, most of them were not. But around 2010 Russian Jews began almost a mass "exodus" of Israel — 200 thousand so-called. Russian Jews left Israel and moved to the continued residence in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Until the end of 2011 are planning to go about the same number of Jews. And many more are preparing to leave in 2012, just plan to leave Israel and settle in Russia and the CIS countries up to 700 thousand people. Part of their plans to keep the citizenship of Israel, but about a third of going to get a Russian passport.

Two Russian region have said the willingness to accept "returnees" — the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and Primorsky Krai, this governor Sergei Darkin said and Nikolai Volkov. Curiously, the settlers, at least a significant portion of them are ready and that "bear the corners." It turns out the prospect of residence in Birobidzhan, or Vladivostok better than to stay in Israel?

The main reason for such a situation — it segodnyaschy alarming situation in the Middle East. Rockets and shells falling from Palestine and Lebanon, the attacks often occur, the pressure built up the Arab world. And the influx of Jews outside subsided, South American Jews do not rush to the "homeland", Israeli youth went to Europe, the United States is rapidly increasing fraction of non-Jews. According to the calculations of some demographers ethnic majority in Israel in 2020 will be the Arabs (up to 53% of the population). Russian Jews left for Israel in pursuit of the way, "a better life", and might live in terror of dying from terrorist attack, or from the fire, a certain contempt for "indigenous" Jews who do not recognize them well for their "own" work in kibbutzim (collective local ), of mandatory military service is not just for guys, and for the ladies. And the prospect of war with Iran, or even a significant part of the Arab world. Rainbow Dreams faced with the reality fell. People have experienced mental shock.

Thus, according to the Israeli ne
wspaper "Haaretz", which announced the Statistics Center of Iranian Studies Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel, almost a quarter of people — 23% are ready to immediately leave the "homeland", if they receive the news that Iran had acquired nuclear weapon. In the Center of Iranian Studies decided to dig a little deeper and find out who these 23%. It turned out that it's mostly Jews from the former Soviet Union and Russian from the Eastern European members of the Warsaw Pact Company, in the main from Poland and Romania. In the middle of "indigenous" Jews — Vatika — wanting to leave Israel in fact. In Israel today live about 7.7 million people, of them 1 million 100 thousand people — this is our former compatriots and about 1 million people — are yesterday's neighbors in the socialist camp. It turns out that they are specifically prepared for re-emigration and already "come." Someone is willing to leave forever part is ready to return if the danger go away.

Most of the numbers of those who are ready to leave — it's the young people 18-35 years old, that is, of the reproductive age, and the call-up, those who are thrown into the battle, the war happen. According to the public organization "The goal-21", most of those who are willing to go to Russia and other Eastern European countries, is willing to "hang" from military service. "Children of immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and in the best of times is not very eager for the army — said the coordinator of the" Millennium-21 "Natanel Litvinovich. — And now, when the recruits shines in the role of a true war, wanting to serve it became even less. " The opportunity to "hang" for a bribe is, but in the 1-x sums are huge, and not all of the funds is, in the 2, it's easier to just leave and not have to pay. And the alternative service takes only women and it is very meticulously inspect the "pacifist" beliefs.

According to the views of Natanelya Litvinovich: "If war with Iran — and that one way or another will inevitably in the near future — young people have to go to war." And not all Russian Jews consider Israel's own true home, "per se faster still consider Russia" and ready to wage war for it. Part of the Russian Jews are ready to move to Ukraine, there is a rumor that there will soon perceive the law on dual citizenship, and they are ready to take Ukrainian citizenship.

However, if with the motives of the Jews, collect, or already ehavshimi of Israel, everything is clear, there is another question — why in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet bloc, but not in the U.S., the EU countries? According to the views of the Israeli philosopher and journalist Larisa Naiditsch, they are hard to abandon the Russian roots Russian culture and language has a massive field so that the "melting pot" of Israel failed to dissolve the Russian Jews. "The educational and general cultural level of Russian Jewish emigration was very highest — report Larissa Naiditsch. — About 60% of adult immigrants from Russia late 80's — early 90's had a higher education "in order to understand the significance of this number is to find out about the other, so in the middle of Israeli Jews that level was only only 18-20%. Many came to Israel from the major cities, the huge Russian scientific and cultural centers — Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Minsk, Odessa, Tashkent and other cities. Therefore, Russian, Russian Jews set and put Russian culture, arts, humanities above Israeli culture. Well, the mixing of cultures is practically no: According to Larisa Naydich half of immigrants from the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation and CIS countries spend their free time with just themselves for similar, Russian Jews, another 40% — "with Russian and Israeli friends," and only one in ten — "with Israeli friends." "In total only 12.5% of immigrants had romantic affairs outside of the Russian community, while 52.7% of them said that such things are impossible for them, in principle," — reported Larissa Naiditsch. They prefer to live compactly. Among themselves speak only Russian. Russia even offered to make a third municipal language of Israel, together with the reconstructed "Hebrew" and Arabic, but in 1998, the proposal did not pass. In other words, they have remained in the Russian cultural field.

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