Israel suffered a massive cyber attack

Israel suffered a massive cyber attackThe goals were crackers Financial Exchange Tel Aviv airline El Al, as ordinary citizens. In order criminals hit an unlimited number of credit card numbers and personal information of thousands of Israelis. In response to this "share" of the authorities urgently make their kiberbatalon. Who was behind the attack?

In the present day tourists, pilgrims and an unlimited number of other people who use the Ben Gurion International Airport, would not even see the beginning of cyberwar. But the biggest Israeli airline El Al could feel it in full. Website of concern under the blows of the attackers "fell" at 12:00.

At that time, a group of Arab hackers attempted to break into the database of the 1st of the big banks Israel. "Banks in connection with the attack took critical steps to prevent hacking client passwords penetration pirates in transactions and payments," — says doorways Gang, a banking analyst.

Management of the Israeli financial institutions has blocked access to bank information resources from abroad. Against the background of these events, representatives of the Islamist movement Hamas in Gaza, announced the beginning of kiberdzhihada.

In the chapter "kiberpohoda" against Israel has some Saudi attacker, who is known on the web under the name Ox Omar. They were located on the network numbers, credit card numbers and personal information of thousands of Israelis. In the main affected people who made use of the online stores.

Internet community has not previously feuded. Usually people standing over the network though what conflicts. But now the hacker "partisans" of Palestine, Israel and other neighboring Islamic countries went on the warpath.

"Hackers from other states in vain thinking that their proposed attack on our government remain unanswered, — says the attacker Arafel (Fog). — I understand that a young man who calls himself Hannibal, recently hacked and is located in the network names and passwords 20 million Facebook users in the Islamic world. He claims to be able to gain access to the accounts of thousands of Iranians and Saudis, and it is only a small part of what we can do. "

State urgently needed a non-system, it is a non-combatant, an attacker who is more like a fighter, but a pirate, a genius digital destruction. In Israel urgently called 300 best professionals in the field. So Makar, country formed the first in its own way kiberbatalon. With all of this in the Israeli army to impose Web tool is not war, but peace.

"I made a Twitter and Facebook a Arabic-language page that tells not only of our country and the army, and about his personal life — reports Avihay Adra, special Arabic of the press service of the Army Israel. — And you know, I got to answer not only the abuse and danger. People from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt really interested in our lives, me, and the way to mutual understanding to the world is just beginning a dialogue. Now communication is conducted in the social. networks ".

On today kiberboytsy are not yet terminated. They are not in a position to redirect enemy ballistic missiles or raise enemy planes in the air. But they have come into people's homes, devastate the account and look in the passport. The virtual space is no longer harmless. There are carried out special operations, and marching army. We can only take comfort in the fact that there is still time before the real uprising machines. Or is there?

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