Israel wants to purchase in the U.S. from 6900 ASD guided JDAM kits

Israel intends to purchase in the U.S. from 6900 ASD guided JDAM kits

The Agency for Defense Security Cooperation (DSCA) notified the U.S. Congress of Defense on the intended sale to Israel in the framework of programs from "foreign military sales" ASD 6900 with sets of guidance JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition).

In view of the agreement related to equipment, training and material support, the full price of the agreement may amount to 647 million dollars.

The Israeli government has asked the United States to request the purchase of:

— 6,900 sets of JDAM, including 3,450 JDAM KMU-556 (GBU-31) for the svobodnopadayuschih bombs Mk.84;

— 1725 units. KMU-557 (GBU-31) for the svobodnopadayuschih bombs BLU-109 and 1725 KMU-572 (GBU-38) for the svobodnopadayuschih bombs Mk.82;

— 3450 units. 2,000-pound bombs svobodnopadayuschih Mk.84;

1725 u 500-pounder svobodnopadayuschih bombs Mk.82;

— 1725 bombs BLU-109;

— 3450 small diameter bombs GBU-39;

— 11,500 FMU-139 fuzes;

11500 FMU-143 fuzes;

11500 Fuses FMU-152.

The request also includes the supply of spare parts, accessories and training equipment, technical documentation, training, tech support from the South American government and the contractor, and other related parts of the real software.

As stated in the notice, this sale will allow to maintain the appropriate level of combat capability of the Israeli Air Force and will contribute to the upcoming standardization of armaments, which will increase the level of cooperation with South American troops.

The main contractors selected programs from the company «Boeing», «KDI Precision Products, Inc.», ATK, «Kaman Dayron," "Lockheed Martin missayl End Fire Control", "General Dynamics", "Elwood neyshnl Forge" and "missayl Raytheon Systems."

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