Israel will create a drone-butterfly

Israel will create a drone-"butterfly"The company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing a small unmanned aerial vehicle, "Butterfly." According to Flightglobal, apparatus weighs only a few grams and may be 20 minutes in the air.

At the moment, the Israeli company is working on a cruise with 2 models: malehankih "butterfly" weighing eight grams and large, whose weight achieves 13 grams. The devices are powered by a small-sized lithium-polymer battery weighing two grams. Each UAV mikrovideokameroy equipped with weighing only 0.1 grams.

In the motion drones results compact an electric motor operating at 7000 rev / min. To operator commands UAV speak with the flight control system of three grams of weight.

Wings "butterfly" hand-made from transparent carbon fiber. With the start of series production UAV components for UAVs also plans to deliver to the assembly stream.

Use drones, "butterflies" means, namely, in situations of hostage-taking. So makarom UAV, kitted out the camera and the microphone will be able to discreetly explore the situation in the area of the incident.

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