Israel will create a new family of armored vehicles

Israel will create a new family of armored vehicles

The Defense Ministry wants to give the recently launched program there to develop a new family of light armored combat vehicles, adapted to doing battle in the criteria for urban development, reports Defense News. The new machines should go into service after 2020. Perspective family has already received the title Rakiya ("Horizon"), it will be created on the basis of main battle tank Merkava Mk.4 with the use of its technology.

Development of new armored vehicles will be engaged already made unit Rakiya, subordinate to the management of defense research and development, the Israeli Defense Ministry. Although armored vehicles Rakiya inherit certain technologies tanks Merkava, they, according to sources, the publication will not be ordinary Merkava Mk.5. Sources also say that the new armored vehicles will not change in the troops or armored Merkava Mk.4 Namer, which will be carried out after 2020.

As expected, the requirements for the newcomer family will be approved in January 2013. Quite a list of requirements is not yet formed, but the newspaper's sources in the Defense Ministry told that the new machines will likely get a wheeled chassis, will be half the weight Merkava Mk.4 (it weighs about 65 tons), and is significantly faster and more maneuverable. In addition, the machines get active and passive armor. While fighting armored Rakia will receive a number of technologies Merkava, they are tanks.

Rakiya receive communications systems and will be integrated into a single digital control system. What specific technologies will inherit the Merkava new family armored vehicles is not yet clear. It is expected that the tender for development Rakiya Israeli Defense Ministry will announce at the end of 2013.

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