Israel will introduce a system of definitions of cvoy foe for all aircraft

Israel will bring recognition system "cvoy foe" for all aircraftAuthorities Israel want enter new requirements for the defendants of "friend or foe" in small and light aircraft, helicopters and airplanes and general aviation mission, reports Flightglobal. According to the newcomer bill, the defendants should be equipped all aircraft, including drones on flights over the territory of Israel.

In addition, the civilian airport traffic control services will have to maintain constant radio contact with the control services the Israeli Air Force. So Makar, the Israeli military wants to form a complete picture of the movements of all aircraft over the territory of the country.

Preparation of the new rules is carried out after 6 October 2012, when Israeli F-16I fighter jets intercepted an unidentified drone launched, presumably, from the territory of Lebanon. As the YnetNews, apparatus was launched on Saturday, when the Israeli Air Force reduced control of air space due to the huge amount of air gliders and airplanes civilian aviation.

Presumably, the downed drone belonged to Iran. At the current time, the Israeli engineers are studying its structure. Meanwhile, apparatus stayed in the air for more than 3 hours and was intercepted by the Israeli air force only after 20 minutes of flying over populated areas Israel. With all this war for a long time did not even try to identify apparatus.

It must be emphasized that the invasion of unmanned aircraft in place Israel was the third similar case in 2004. Most of the attempts to launch reconnaissance units with areas of Lebanon or Gaza were stopped by the Air Force Israel.

Earlier, Israel had introduced regulations to prohibit flying gliders near the borders of the country. Such a ban was introduced in November 1987, when two terrorists on hang gliders from Lebanon crossed the Israeli border, and has landed near a checkpoint near the town of Kiryat Shmona, killed eight and wounded eight Israeli fighter.

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