Israel will not sell intelligence system in Turkey

Israel will not sell intelligence system in TurkeyThe Israeli government has been locked deal with Turkey, which anticipate the delivery of intelligence systems to the Turkish Air Force. Engaged in the execution of this agreement the company IAI and Elbit, and the total amount of agreements amounted to 140 million dollars. First systems were delivered to Turkey in a few months. But, according to the company Elbit, there were political conditions that led to the termination of the contract.

The Jerusalem Post reports the criteria of the agreement, adopted in 2009. As part of the agreement in the Turkish Air Force had to put intelligence containers filled with infrared vision cameras and special equipment for surveillance and information processing for placing on the fighters. The cameras should have put the company El-Op, a member of the Elbit.

87 million dollars in the agreement had to Elbit, and the share of IAI — 54 million dollars. Given contract meant that the delivery will take place for at least 4 years. But Israel's Defense Ministry later announced the cancellation of supply, due to the fact that these systems are the most sverhtehnologichny standards of products manufactured by Israeli defense complex.

But reported that between Israeli companies and the Ministry of Defence has already negotiating the renewal of the agreement, because the export ban is very worsen the financial position of the companies. Data on the amounts that the company could lose until the drive, but there is a possibility that the Turkish side of the court may be required to compensate for the failure to comply with the highest criterion of deliveries under the contract.

Both companies, IAI and Elbit, requirements put forward to the Ministry of Defence to make compensation for breach of an agreement with Turkey, citing the fact that they are not at fault.

Turkey and Israel were allies for quite a long time. The Turkish military often have at their disposal various types of military equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance. But after the events of 2010, when Israeli special forces soldiers were killed nine Turks, who were on board the "Freedom Flotilla", burst into the Gaza Strip, in the relations between countries, there was tension. Contributed to this the fact that Israel did not apologize for the incident that led to virtually complete cessation of the diplomatic and military cooperation between the countries now.

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