Its time to live

Everything that happens on the day, one way or another connected with the Sun, Earth and Moon. With their energies. Each planet your character and you need to know how to build them with their relationship.

Our ancestors know what they need to live by the sun, as it is the main force in this world that gives life to all living things. What does this mean? This means that to get up and go to sleep, eat and work, as well as perform other actions a timely manner.

Mother to child in the morning comes and wakes him, "Get up, it's time (in Ra, the Sun)." And he answers her awake, "It's still early (that is, no more Ra)." Why is it important to get up before sunrise. Because at this time on Earth descends energy of goodness and virtue. In Nature reigns serenity, peace and quiet. This is the time before sunrise most favorable for prayer and meditation, to work on them. At this time you need to adjust to the current day, to work with ideas, be intent. And this feeling will carry you through the day. As you start the day — and he will pass.

"Healthy people should rise from their sleep in the Brahma muhurta to preserve his own life" — as stated in the Vedas.

What is Muhurta? This is the unit of time equal to 48 minutes. A Brahma Muhurta — it penultimate Muhurta before sunrise. Subtract from sunrise 96 minutes and you get the best time to wake up.

It turns out that everyone wakes up alone at the right time, but he thought, "Something I woke up early. Who gets up so early? Sleep another hour or so. " In general, if a person lies down on time and had the right frame of mind, it will be without an alarm clock to get up in time. Such a person will always be a sense of lightness, clarity, full recuperation. In each of us built the biological clock. Therefore, an alarm clock better not to use. By the way, to get up on time without an alarm clock — it is a kind of self-control.
If you get up after sunrise, it is inevitable there will be health problems. Will suffer the autonomic nervous system, musculoskeletal system, digestion.
Dawn time is very good for spiritual practices. This allows you to dedicate 20-30 minutes. and more. If you do not practice any spiritual tradition, you can simply greet the world, wish you all good, prosperity and love. Read some philosophical text. Speak intentions, moods. Make reprogramming. Work with ideas. Analyze situations in life. In short — to dedicate this time to work on yourself.
In general, if to get up early, there is a lot of free time. And a very productive time. The world is still asleep, the children were still sleeping. No one bothers to think, work hard, and even do some business. "Sleep on it" — so said our ancestors.
This time contributes to happiness and joy in life. This is the most blissful and important time of the day. And we at this time, as a rule, sleep, because the night watching another action or work at the computer.
Spiritual practice can smoothly pass in physical education classes. Particularly well in the morning to practice yoga. In principle you can use any that core practice, stretching, running and other exercises. Even a little training will give good results.
Charging should be not only and not so much for the physical well-being. The main purpose of charging — the mood for the day, to bring more benefits to people. Felt that being good — finish charging. No body in the morning to do the exercises, and for mood. The body should have its own load, but everything in moderation and on time.
Still very important to greet the sun, or, as our ancestors, perform the ceremony sedition (a-Ra-supplication).
Our great grandparents belonged to the Sun, as a living being, like God. They called him the Surya Yarylo, Dazhdbog. And when he rose above the horizon, to lift up his hands and said a prayer-fame. For example, this:
"Hello, Yarylo Most Lucent! Trislaven be nice and ever and ever. Hurrah! ".

Or this one:
"Great Dazhdbozhe (giving God), son of Svarog! Whip red wheel in the sky. Heat warms the Earth-Mother, fills the hearts of human love. So it was, is and will be. Hurrah! ".
Remember the movie "The Snow Maiden." It shows how people welcomed Sun Yarilin day (the vernal equinox). This worship of the sun was not a manifestation of polytheism, as our ancestors knew that God is one. But they also know what they were he bogatoproyavlen in this world. The Sun-priest — one of its manifestations. And we — his children, as we are luminous beings.
Every living creature has its own character. Has character and the Sun. It not only gives light, warmth, life in all things on earth, but of him, and such energy, which are not visible to the naked eye. For example, the energy of joy and happiness. The word "Ra-ness' means — to give light, the truth. The very word lies the energy of the Sun God Ra. God Ra — is one of the incarnations of God, one of its manifestations, give life. By the way, the Volga River a few hundred years ago, called PA-river and was sacred to the Slavs. The sun also gives people courage, courage and compassion.
We respond to the sun, the moon and other planets, even if they do not see. You really do not notice the time in his life, as the world meets the sun. Just before sunrise world suddenly freezes for a moment, and then suddenly everything comes to life, all nature awakens. The birds begin to sing their hymns, flowers open their petals. All living things toward the sun. It feels, whence comes the energy of life and happiness, and is committed to it.
Also comes from the sun energy of fire and energy of action and optimism. A desire to act — is the desire to live in this world. So, if we get up from bed after sunrise, this energy begins to destroy the body. For those people who get up late, there can be problems with the musculoskeletal system, the spine and joints. No wonder there is a saying: "The early bird catches (ie before sunrise), the worm." Gives the joy of life, happiness and health. Need to form the habit of going to bed and getting up early.
Person subject to despondency and pessimism closes itself from the sun. He has broken relationship with him. To live like the sun. And it needs to know its nature.
Sun — is a major force in our world. It gives a correct determination. A proper sense of purpose — a desire to pure light. And it has always been, is and will be in the hearts of people. So we consciously or unconsciously aspire to the Sun to Light. Because there comes the energy of Joy and Happiness. All living things toward the sun. Therefore, our mood depends on the sun, or rather on whether we live in the Sun. All the energy of joy and happiness that exists in this world comes from the sun.
Live by the sun is not just get up and go to bed early. Living by Ra — is a right relationship with the world.

Sun lives shine for us, no matter who we are and what kind of life lead. It gives everyone as much as a person can perceive. The sun gives us the energy, without asking anything in return. It lives for us. Similarly, a person must be like the Sun and strive to give people joy and happiness radiates light. And it needs to constantly work on themselves. Cleanse your mind of destructive thoughts. It is when the person has a strong desire, it starts to get up early and alone, without an alarm clock. This is configured in the Sun on its power. And gradually, in his heart the love is returned, the mind becomes clear, and the spirit of light. Of these people say they are sunny and bright people.
The sun gives us life energy. But there is one "but". We need to properly dispose of this energy. It can help us, and may destroy. And as we have said, the solar energy, there are certain features. And chief among them — to live for others, to give pleasure.
Starting from 8:00 am Sun begins to actively influence us these energies, so from 8 to 17 hours — the best time to work. And, if we want to maintain our good relations luminary, this activity should be bezkorystna. Because it is his nature. Sun acts bezkorystno, giving us his strength and energy, and when we become like him, you also pay into the world of light and joy. So, we return that took the life. In the Book of Veles is written that we — the grandchildren Dazhdbog (Giver of God). We're only going to live up to its nature, when stop just take, consume, and learn to give and create.
Some people misunderstand what a joy. I already wrote about it. Just want to remind you that experience the joy and pleasure — two different things. Fun — it's a pleasant feeling that we experience from eating something in this world (food, service, communication), and joy — is the light that we give to others, as the Sun-Surya. The man who lives by the sun, gives light to others, he wants people to be happy, so that more joy in the world. And he does not do it for money or any benefit. It's just the nature of it. He understands the world in which he lives, what he came to this world.

In solar man never tumors. His body will not accumulate toxins, because the force of the sun just burn it all. Why today oncology at one of the highest mortality? Yes, because people no longer live by the sun ceased to operate bezkorystno, to give each other pleasure. Psychology of consumerism permeated virtually all aspects of our lives. Outlook of the majority of people become cancerous. Only cancer cells can live: uncontrolled consume natural resources, forces of Mother-Earth, poisoning the world. But the consequences of such an attitude to themselves and the world around them? To certain death! And, agonizing death. How the world has brought pain and suffering — and get so much himself. What lifestyle conduct, what you get. You only live for yourself, regardless of the other — to get the tumor and metastases. You live for others, for the prosperity of life, radiating light and joy — you will be very bright and happy, and of course — healthy!

But after 18 hours — the best time to relax, to communicate with his family. In the evening to calm down and go to sleep too, for Ra. That is when the sun goes to bed. It is important to understand. The day we spent not only physical but also mental energy. And it can recover fully only at night, to be exact, from 21 to 24 hours. At this time, comes into its possession Moon. It gives a person the power of peace and tranquility. Such her character. For full sleep adults need 6 to 8 hours.
Reveal another secret. Need to go to bed with a certain attitude. The fact is that if you go to bed with a bad mood, negative thoughts and worries, the dream will not give you a complete recuperation. And especially do not late to watch TV, too emotional to talk, read newspapers and books. All this will help to strengthen the problems and diseases.
Good evening to do a little gymnastics, which will include static and breathing exercises, stretching. Before going to sleep be sure to take a warm shower, ventilate the room in which you sleep. You can leave the window open. All these preparations have already set you on the right footing. Then you can start the evening meditation and auto-training. What is it and what is it for? The fact is that during the day you had to interact with the world. And you come in contact with different thoughts, as creative and destructive, and in your subconscious activated certain emotions. Therefore it is necessary to review all the things that were in the past day. Analyze situations and meetings, see what lessons you need to learn from these situations. Create positive thoughts, images, and intentions. Forgive and thank all for their help and wish good. The essence of meditation — the transformation of the negative thoughts that can ruin your life and body. Perform well under its relaxing music.
For an evening of meditation can take 10 minutes or more. It all depends on the events of the day and on your experience to work on himself. At the end of meditation inside must be a sense of calm and relaxation. After meditation immediately go to sleep. If you have done everything correctly, even after a short sleep, you will feel a surge of strength and energy.
If we ignore the natural biological rhythms, and instead of sleeping, watching action, eroticism and horror, and even though it does not matter what we see, read or listen to what our mind is excited. And mental energy is restored. So this morning we wake up tired, broken, we need time to get into the swing. If this occurs regularly, every day, the nervous system is exhausted, there are anxiety, irritability.
It is interesting to note that as soon as there nine o'clock, every man, especially if he did not stir themselves, there is a natural sense of sleepiness. Nature is a signal that we are beginning to get ready for bed. But this is all the basic knowledge that are known for our "primeval" ancestors.
Most people these days do not go to bed on time not because I do not have time to do some business, but because they have not experienced for a day of joy from their work or to communicate with loved ones. Day lived — but there is no happiness, no deep sense of satisfaction, no joy.
The reason for this condition is simple. Many people are not engaged in the activity (on statistics — it's 90% of people). That is, do the work that is not in their nature and purpose. Simply put — run for the money. It turns out that the mental and physical energy is given, and no joy. Coming home in a state they seek, with the help of which you can have the satisfaction (replacement of joy). And here we come to the aid of the senses: hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell. We are beginning to watch TV, overeat at night, to communicate, to have sex. Stimulate themselves by various means (tea, coffee, alcohol), excited the mind and body to feel fresh. And then there are different stories about the "birds" people, that is about owls and larks, in which we believe.
But the laws of nature dictate his own. They require us to not changing external environment, and deep internal changes.
Therefore, if you considering healing or improving relations within the family, at work, start with the simple and no less important — with change of thoughts. Begin to live in harmony with the environment. Go to bed and get up in time.

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