Ivan Bezuglyy: Bet on the Cossacks — the salvation of the Russian Federation

Ivan Bezuglyy: Bet on the Cossacks - the salvation of RussiaAbout the life of the modern Cossacks and its role in the ongoing processes Ataman told our correspondent Taman Division of the Kuban Cossack Ivan Bezuglyy.

— Ivan, what is involved in the increased enthusiasm in the near future Russian authorities, both secular and church to the Cossacks?

— In all the centuries of the Russian countries in those critical moments when the country was provided with the latest features, while the majestic wars and internal unrest, it has always appealed to the Cossacks. It was during the Capital of the kingdom, under the Empire, and even the Soviets.

As you know, since 1917, the Cossacks as people were destroyed. But the majestic Russian war began, and they remembered again — to tackle forms the Cossack regiments, divisions, corps. When during the miserable existence of the restructuring of the country was called into question, the Cossacks were again needed. And they again rose from the ashes, keeping his callused hands the country on the brink.

It should be borne in mind that the Cossacks destroyed as people capable of self-organization. Here we are self-organized, strengthened, and said: "The Russian state to be!". On that note, we stand.

Currently in Russia again the situation is complicated. The President in his own Internet address, said that the situation is not easy, and change it to the best does not go. He said this, referring to civilization. And we are the cream of Russian civilization, which can self-organize. And do not refer to anyone. The Russian people as a whole, which we treat with respect, unfortunately, now is not capable of what can Cossacks. In this sense, the patriarch, the president made the right choice.

— What is the difference between an ordinary Cossack way of life of the peasant way of life of the Great, or, say, a city dweller?

— Way, the orders, customs and traditions of the Cossacks, which we are now reviving and which adhere to, are the basis of life of the Cossacks. Although, of course, in the years of genocide and persecution something has been lost, but almost all was saved. Cossack community as an equal society, free people has always been based on respectful to each other, solidarity and support. Back in my youth, it was impossible to pass on the stanitsa street past the old man, saying hello and not bowing to him. Reverence for elders, respect for the lady, the willingness assist feeble — all base Cossack mentality. And, of course, understand that this is a Cossack, first warrior, intercessor. Specifically, this was based on the education of young Cossack earlier, and build on this at the moment.

Topic military service permeates all aspects of Cossack life — everything is subject to him. Therein lies one of the differences. Another difference is in severe initiative Cossack, his willingness to take responsibility for themselves and their loved ones. He does not expect guidance from the top, and he knows what to do — the tendency for order and organization in his blood. Cossack way of the specifications of the test of life and the problems solved by the Cossacks. Cossack family raise, first, the defenders of Orthodoxy and the Fatherland. Unfortunately, in other families, we do not look.

-Ivan, we know from history that in the more critical moments of Russia on the tenor began to live the whole people. So it was in Little Russia during the war of national liberation under the Hetman Khmelnytsky, so it was at the Metropolitan kingdom in the Time of Troubles XVII century, when virtually the whole of civilization turned into Cossacks into warriors …

— I have to tell you that this is happening at the moment — people are coming to us, to the Cossacks. And even the recent disaster in the village Kushchevskaya can serve as an example of this. Although in regard to the incident trying to blame the Cossacks, but of course all that is shifting from junk on its head, asking what is necessary, first, to the police, prosecution, administration.

Media ask: "Where were the Cossacks?". And the Cossacks were on your own site and doing their Cossack affairs. It is also clear that if all the outlaws or at least most of them consisted in the Cossack society, such a situation might not be. We do not allow anyone to hurt our favorites, our brothers, and those who come to us for help. And the Cossacks were not touched. On the other hand, if we proceed from the actual situation in Kuschevka, the local community there did not have sufficient strength to cope alone with the crime, fused with the administration and law enforcement agencies — in fact in the gang were deputies and police officers.

It is difficult to resist the state machine, the forces were sufficient only for something to protect their own. But if the Cossack village was not only de jure but also de facto, the situation would have been different. Since the Cossack community — that form of self-organization and, if you wish, self-defense, able to truly confront external challenges. People have this figured out, and at this point has been an influx in the Cossacks and Kuschevskaya, and in other villages. And this is true because, in my opinion, is the only effective way to restore order in Russia.

The President said that both the old and the modern Our homeland is not likely without the Cossacks. And our governor Alexander Tkachev said the revival of the Cossacks of the Kuban is a public thought. And if we are united around the idea that the state will not be an event such as a Kuschevskaya, we will be able to suspend the one shaft of corruption that has swept Russia and Kuban

— In the Kuban Cossack chieftains have the status of civil servants receive its proper wages. Some receive sponsorship of big capital. There is a danger that the Cossacks Yeshe reincarnated as a corrupt structure?

— When dealing with the bureaucracy at all levels, I am proud to say that the Cossacks can be blamed for that, they may not be sufficiently literate, one of them likes to drink excessive, but we can not fault any of bribery or corruption. This situation in the Kuban, and I think the whole of Russia. With all of this I can say that certain fear of such a situation is and I have.

But no direct threat to the Taman Division nor the Kuban army as a whole, I am at the moment, thank God, I do not see. Chieftains, which elects the Cossacks — is generic Cossacks, who are not sold but are used for Faith and Fatherland. Including those who came today to the mandatory structure. We track, watch, draw conclusions — all true Cossacks.

In the context of your question about the Cossacks and the government would like to make special mention of the Kuban Cossack leader of troops. I'm the little old chieftain in the Kuban. Someone who is a little longer I would have been in this position, there is not. And when elected Nikolai Alexandrovich Daludu, it is clear, was the vice-governor of the province. And many chieftains rushed swung into the arms of government. And at first I took it to the election with caution, as the man came out of the mandatory structures, and it was not clear where he will lead the army. If the Cossack movement on the way over, then for me it would be not only a terrible disappointment, and the collapse of all that we have achieved over the years of careful work extremely heavy. But looking closely, watching the work of army chieftain, I have concluded that this is exactly the kind of person that is needed now Kuban. Working with him, I see that he is engaged in the Coss
acks from the heart, not just complete the how convincing some, puzzle.

Similarly, other chieftains of the troops. Someone more gifted as a control, some workable, someone better educated, but all serve the good of the Cossacks. There are societies where Atamans are the heads of the local administrations. In this case, if people dedicated to the cause of the Cossack, it is not of concern. Moreover, it is welcome, as the governments of the Cossack region should lead the Cossacks, and we aspire to it. It should also be borne in mind that at least some elected chieftain and put the Cossacks, and one way or another he must take it into account.

— But many people, including the Cossacks themselves, that's what worries. Do not go out so that the real Cossack service at the moment is replaced? In other words, the Cossacks have the means of the country, but its direct obligations — border security, safety, protection of the country involved, to put it mildly, far not all. What would happen if the government subsidize the Cossacks finished?

— When the Cossacks are just beginning to recover, it all happened on the enthusiasm, the situation was more specific and strong. But after we started paying money for municipal service (although, to be truly honest, that is, can not be seriously call state authorities). The fact that now we do — are involved in the protection of public order, protection of the border, in the MOE, cut down bushes of hemp, and get a proper monetary handouts — is based on the capacity of the Cossacks, no not the service, but rather an occupation for the elderly.

And that worries me. Because if tomorrow the funding ends, the number of troops will change. Those Cossacks, who came for the stripes, boots, even for something, leave, we will be much less. And it's not so scary as will those for whom the Cossacks of self-worth.

I — an old man, the Cossack 20 is not the case given the worst years of my life, and I am the least motivate some promises to me important interests of the people and the strengthening of the Cossack Country Russian.

— In Russia, many Russian people, who, without being ethnic Cossacks, nevertheless, not only commiserate Cossack ideas, and do want to join the ranks of the Cossack people. Do they have that opportunity?

— Yes, such a possibility. I often explain and nekazakam Cossacks and the Cossacks — a very special people, people of strong spirit. Now our people rise from the ashes, regenerating its own traditions and way of life, very hard. When we come to the Great Russians, or Little Russians, we take them into their society, and treat them with care, so as to realize that they even harder.

Because in order to perch on their shoulders nekazaku, Russian, Cossack wear, you need to be very strong. It may suffer, just as I read, the strong spirit. When the Russian people come to us and get us into one system, it amuses me. I am sure that over time they will become real Cossacks will know all our ways, and will be ready by the first cry of to defend the Faith and Fatherland. In all the years that I chieftain, was never an option that one of those Cossacks that we have sent to the Army, some deserted, or unfairly discharged his duties. And this is in spite of everything that is happening at the moment in the Army. Since military service, the implementation of its own debt — in the base frame of mind of the Cossacks.

And I hope that the young people who are not now in the Cossacks, if it comes to us, we will like us to become real warriors. And it is — in the interests of the country and society.

— Apart from the Cossack communities who are in the state registry, there are public Cossack organizations. Many feared that the creation of the state registry will lead to a split in the Cossack environment confrontation "social" and "of register". Realized if these forecasts?

— In the Taman Division I never shared the Cossacks on the white and the Reds on Registry-and public, on the left and right. Not so quite a few in the Kuban Cossacks and in Russia, so that they also share. I know that a similar view is held Aleksadrovich Doluda Nicholas, who became the troop chieftain, called us to cramped working with all public organizations of the Cossacks in order to address our common challenges.

Unfortunately, not everywhere in Russia hold similar views. I communicated with the public Atamans from other regions who were in charge of me that Registry-chieftains flatly shall be removed with them to conduct cooperation and support what else contacts. It is totally incorrect.

But it should be noted that the vast majority of the Kuban Cossacks are included in the Kuban Cossack army. With the same who are in public institutions have a mutual understanding and close contact. Unfortunately, not everywhere in Russia so.

Those who wage war together, should be aware that the hostility and division in the interests of the opponents of the Russian Federation and the Cossacks, which operate on the principle of "divide and rule".

— The case with many of the Muslim peoples of the North Caucasus are in deep decline. Can the Cossacks to contribute to their normalization and harmonization?

— Restore these things can only Cossacks. When the war began in the Caucasus, including Chechnya and fellowship in Moscow with the secretary of the Security Council (that would Borduzha), I said that the management does not know Russian Caucasus. Russian politicians, generals, heads of intelligence agencies need to study the history of the Caucasian wars.

Only the Cossacks could live in peace and harmony with the people of the Caucasus. And if it was necessary to correct someone, someone to give a hint correct behavior, they have always done well, and with the least human and real costs. If at this point and would be made a bet on the Cossacks, the Caucasus has long taken pleasure, peace and tranquility. There would be no Nord-Ost or Beslan. And about situations similar to what occurred in Kandopoge Zelenokumsk not out of the question. Only with the support of the Cossacks can bring order to the Caucasus.

— What is your eye role of the Cossacks in the life of modern Russian Federation?

— They say to us that the country is all right now that she is on the rise, the situation will stabilize, and the municipal authorities strengthened. But, unfortunately, it is not, it all just seems. Center is no longer enough than controls. Paul RF Fired — no one can do anything, sex RF buried — no one can do anything. The country erupted ethnic conflicts, no one can do anything.

Our homeland is now in a very difficult situation — and the Caucasus, as well. And if the management of the country rest on the Cossacks, I am convinced that in Russia there will be order, and all will be well and live comfortably.

N people relaxed, he believes that "we are many, and we are the masters." But the Russian people, it's time to wake up — the situation in the country is quite different — we are becoming a less and less — and in the towns and villages, and in the villages. And when that sad fact is understood, the situation will change for the best. And while the Russian people drink too much, break up families, the Russian did not participate in the management of the state, district, village, areas. To power come completely those who should govern us.

And in this situation the Cossacks as the main force is capable of self-organizing, together with the Russian people and other peoples of the Russian Federation to achieve progress in the power of the people defending the interests of the country. Russian people need to understand the situation and get down to business. And the Cossacks with his vast experience of self-organization and self-government can be in this example.

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