Ivan Kozhedub. First ace 2nd World

Ivan Kozhedub.  The first ace of the world

Who is the 90th anniversary day or birth of the famous aviator Kozhedub

Famous pilot did not write on his own account enemy machine if not beheld as she fell to the ground

"It would be possible, would not get out of the plane" — loved to read, recalling his youth, first ace the second world war Ivan Kozhedub. June 8 marks the 90th anniversary of the day or birthday of the famous fighter pilot, Air Marshal, three times Hero of the Russian Union.

On account Kozheduba 330 sorties, 120 air battles and shot down 62 enemy aircraft — so many victories could not brag any pilot in aviation throughout the anti-Hitler coalition. For outstanding awards to the country Ivan Kozhedub thrice honored with the title of Hero.

Born future ace in a small Ukrainian village, in a large family. And, despite the fact that he was the youngest, my father always brought up offspring strictly taught from childhood courage. Early in "ill" sky Vanya initially studied at the flying club, and before the war he entered the flight school.

The first air battle ended for the Kozheduba failure, and nearly became the last. His plane was damaged gun burst "Messer". And life was saved by his seat back armor. And on his way to the airfield plane his case was shot: it has got two shells fired from anti-aircraft guns. But the young pilot indescribable efforts failed to land all the same machine. By the way, Kozhedub never been knocked down — always falls short of the landing, even with bullet holes.

Own first enemy plane he "flunked" July 6, 1943 at the Kursk Bulge. The next day set fire to the second "Junkers", and after a day or two — two enemy fighters at once. Less than a year later he was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Union. Then, on account Kozheduba there were 20 aircraft shot down.

It was Kozheduba own inherent to him alone, the handwriting in the sky, told the "Voice of the Russian Federation" at the Central Museum of Russian majestically War on Poklonnaya Hill Alex Kadakin.

"He was able to accurately and rapidly to weigh the situation, which is very fundamental in the battle, and all of this at one time found in the present situation the only right course. Car he had masterfully could manage it even with closed eyes. All of its flights were a cascade of different maneuvers — U-turns, snakes, water slides, dive, etc. Kozhedub always tried to find the enemy first, but with all this "without exposing" himself "- told Kadakin

"Keep a war not the number and skill" — loved to repeat his fellow soldiers celebrated as. So do not be afraid to get involved in a fight with a vastly superior enemy force. In one of the fights of his foursome was able to repel plaque 36 bombers, which were under the cover of Six "Messers." In one case, he had to fight alone with 18 "Junkers", — says Alexei Kadakin:

"Kozhedub broke into the enemy's sudden and abrupt maneuvers and threw the enemy into confusion." Junkers "finished bombing and stood in a defensive circle. Though fighters remained in the tanks is not enough fuel, Russian pilot made another attack and shot at close range from below one of the enemy vehicles. This could overwhelm the enemy. type of incident in the flame "Junkers" has made the appropriate memory, and other bombers hurriedly left the battlefield. "

Historians they say that Ivan Kozhedub shot down more aircraft than is listed in the official sources. The fact that he did not write on his own account enemy machine if he did not beheld as she fell to the ground. "What if he will hold on to their own?" — Explained pilot fellow soldiers.

Ivan Kozhedub died in 1991 and is buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. Name a famous ace is currently 237 Red Guards Proskurovsky center display aircraft, which includes famous aerobatic team "Russian Knights" and "Swifts".

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