Ivan Ohlobystin: On the right of the Colt

Ivan Ohlobystin: On the right of the Colt

"God made men, but Colonel Colt made the call in their rights"

At the time, I tired with running their fill with all sorts of firing iron things, and why convict me in a romantic attachment to the weapon does not. Which, however, does not affect my desire to have at least partially the situation. In another comes out: I kids, I am a citizen and a believer. If I understand that the only way to save the kid from bullets Evsukova — make it out of his brain CT I must be able to do it. Firmly aware that immediately appear before the criminal, civilian, and, most importantly, the ecclesiastical tribunal, but the child should survive.

I assume this has permitted for sensual preamble to direct your attention to the outright sabotage people's deputies issue of the right to defend himself in his own electorate, the right of people to have a usual automatic weapon. One gets the feeling that MPs fear the fair execution on either of its own voters believe unmanageable filth, devoid of any morals and ethics. If so, then our civil duty — to warn the parent organizations of the internal enemy in the State Duma. If same parent organizations do not focus attention on this tribute, it should be reasonable to assume that the threat to the President, and to solve this problem without the help of others.

Frequent mention in the press, "distraught" traumatic gun owners. Samarkand ass clear that "this is so sudden" does not happen, as before so it was, but the press is less interested. What suddenly alarmed birds? Al is not a lot of information events? Or "above" gave the order puzhat? Prepare for tighter supervision and issuance of a traumatic and smooth? Perhaps it's true, but the people around me most is his own tool have a lot of years and did not indulge. Someone got the best tool life, someone this tool twice after buying a tin can on a dump shot. But so that a get stupid … Thank you!

Not necessary nothing to tighten, to facilitate, as in so beloved liberals of the United States 100 years ago. You only need to check all function through the start up draft boards. At the same time, and with a fighting reserve statistics clearer. Russia — defend your mother? Get the paper. Go to the store and getting get "Kalash with 2 ZINC" on legitimate grounds.

What's all the same with regards to the madmen and "Batman," Putinka "zakoldyrennyh", it is a force of nature. They are interspersed with silver collectible Browning for atrocities is not usually required. The most terrible weapon — a piece of glass in a skirmish intoxicated, well, a kitchen knife, obviously, for the home, "dismemberment".

And in fact, in this connection seems to me one conclusion: disarm people — to see, defaulted on its way, worries are afraid to "top", fermentation, "who for Putin, who for Medvedev? 'And other uncertainties.

As a convinced "statists", I personally do not see a particular differences, but with persistence nerd continue to insist on their own right to be able to protect a family with a sensible tool in the hand during a hypothetical confusion.

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