Ivanishvili told the terrible truth about the Russian Federation, or two of Georgias casket …

Ivanishvili told the terrible truth about the Russian or Georgian Two of the casket ...Well, finally … Now Georgia itself to find out who in fact started the war in South Ossetia in August 2008. The herald of an open secret became emperor Polishinelishvi …. uh-uh, I'm sorry, Ivanishvili. If nedavneshnego speech to a person who applies for a post of Georgian Prime Minister, that started the South Ossetian military provocation sovereign Saakashvili, known around the world, and now these sacred knowledge, finally dobreli to a unique authenticity of the information on their own sites Georgia.

Bidzina Ivanishvili has exposed the current president of Georgia in the fact that it was he to blame for the outbreak of hostilities against the Ossetian people. Triumphant nedavneshnih parliamentary elections said that Saakashvili and specifically the former ruling party were responsible for the beginning of the campaign, "08/08/08."

It would seem that these words show us Ivanishvili as a man who sincerely set for the return of Georgian-Russian relations in the direction of pragmatism and partnership. But not now, none of the Georgian politicians to limit accusations of the address only its own citizens, even if they are diametrically opposite political flank. How is "imperial ambitions" of, as the same words about the "occupation" of Georgian territory? Do not worry — in speech and Ivanishvili was this: he did not have time to pounce on his prey, Misha Saakashvili, as soon as the coming rebuke own political opponent Bidzina G. of the Russian Federation is also "remembered". According to him, our home was "the age-old desire to go through the Caucasus Mountains," and Saakashvili, just only gave Moscow a good reason for this …

Listening to these words from the mouth of the flying heads of the main political forces in Georgia, unwittingly come to the conclusion that this Ivanishvili that still sticks. In principle, no one was going to build illusions about the "silk and velvet" of the new Georgian political elite, but now there is a consistent impression that these forces hold their own as people, sorry for the cattle, members of which can be hung on the ears of at least some near-political and pseudo-patriotic noodles. For some reason Bidzina Ivanishvili in his own fiery diatribe about the long-standing desire of the Russian Federation to pass through the Caucasus Mountains did not mention the fact that himself-it has long been defected mentioned range, working exclusively in the area. Surprisingly, and what this "terrible occupant" country (Our Fatherland) so attracted sovereign Ivanishvili, that he was for a decade was a citizen and cranked out many billions through his own Russian-based banks? Maybe so makarom Bidzina G. tried their utmost to prevent that same want the transition of the Russian Federation through the Caucasus? But, you know, all his aspirations instantly destroyed Misha Saakashvili and Russian citizen Ivanishvili had to renounce Russian citizenship and take two new ones: the Georgian and French. And now this "FrenchGeorgian"Accuser ruthless plans RF decided to dot the «i», the latest bait thrown into massive geopolitical lake, in the hope that the catch will be guaranteed.

Deconstructing psychic nuance Ivanishvili words, we can say that he decided to try to sit on two chairs at once. On the one hand, he believes that the words of the guilt of Misha Saakashvili will have to move to the heart of Russians, and they utter, and what are we as advocate for the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, they say, man, that there had caught the Georgian president, and means and gave us a set of friendship … But Bidzina G., apparently forgets that he invents for Russia is great. The fact that the war was unleashed by Saakashvili may be news to the people of Georgia, and in Russia, as, by the way, and in most countries of the world knew about it for a long time, even before they heard the name of the Ivanishvili.

Second chair are the words of the "aggressive" plans to go to the Russian Federation through the Caucasus Mountains. This gain is, of course, is designed for Western partners. There are "conviction" in the address of the Russian Federation is very love and ready to bestow the most generous preferences of those who will pour more mud on the Russian head. This is a typical code phrases for which the West defines the status of the new zabugornogo policy: friend or foe. Now, it is certainly Brussels and Washington know that Ivanishvili own — a true politician. Saakashvili could also stay in the memory of the democratic West his board, if I brought the case to the democratization of South Ossetia to the end and did not rush to the ground at the sight of all the aircraft during recognizable events of 2008. Here's the West and has permitted Georgia to its democratic election, when the 1st merged, and the other lifted up — well, let that last a Russian, but this fellow in the money, and if you can, if anything, and himself any anti-Russian stunt show. And it is already showing … In general, the second chair Ivanishvili looks for it is much more stable, and the means to demonize the epic RF Georgia will continue.

West is weak because interest in the history of other countries, and so on that side of the border with the European Union may indeed loaf that our homeland how many out there kilolet tried to jump over someone's head Caucasian. There will not even understand about the fact that there was a time when Russia ruled most famous companions, who came from the southern slopes of the Caucasus …

In general, playing with marked cards sovereign Ivanishvili, who own the diversity of the West cheer, inspire some hope in the very ghost of the Georgian people, and to us — Russians — give to understand that at this historical stage of the relocation of the Georgian favorites sum total does not change. Here's a she — Georgian political math.

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