Ivanov to fight the drug trade was proposed to lure the army

Ivanov to fight the drug trade were invited to bring the armyOn Tuesday in the capital of Slovenia, at the conference of the Council taskforce Europe, engaged in the fight against drug trafficking, and open a discussion the fight against the spread of Afghan heroin. According to the professionals from him once a year are killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Our homeland has put forward a proposal to destroy Afghan poppy crops with the help of international forces.

Afghanistan annually delivers to other countries about 7,000 tons of opium. The Pompidou Group, the leading under the auspices of the Council Europe the fight against drugs, reported that Russia supplied 549 tons of opium, in the Old World 711 tons.

Part of the deadly flow on the outside and have a prosperous Slovenia, which is held conference. Opium, heroin market participants of the forum is estimated at 68 billion. bucks.

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