Ivashov: at MAKS not novelty

Ivashov: at MAKS not noveltyOn Airshow MAX is not Russian competitive new products, said in an interview with "Relevant comments" President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov. According to him, «Superjet 100" assembled by 90% of the western units, and it's more "Boeing", what, indeed, the Russian aircraft.

"Again, the Tu-204, Tu-304 has been repeatedly shown, but not in demand in the domestic market, that's what we show, and the novelty will not be there," — said the source of AA. He noted that Airshow will show the "process of destruction of our civilian aircraft industry."

"The situation is somewhat better in the air force — said Ivashov, — but without a common civilian aircraft military branch can not look massive and very. They are interrelated, and so once again we will be showing fighter Fifth generation. "

Leonid Ivashov I saw that the MiG-29SNT to provide, on Airshow MAKS-2010, "is not going to create." "Here I am afraid it will be with the new fighter fifth generation" — said the expert. In his view, "there is something to max, faster, ostentatious than a real concern about the development of Russian avistroitelnoy industry."

Recall, as reported "Current comments"Aug. 16 in Zhukovsky starts MAKS-2011 air show in which perceive the role of almost 850 campaigns from 40 countries.

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