Izhevsk SWAT: Neighbors Kalashnikov

Izhevsk SWAT: Neighbors Kalashnikov

History Interior Ministry special forces police the Udmurt Republic begins in 1986, when a part of mobile battalion was organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs spetsvzvod. In 1991, the company expanded into a platoon of special purpose. Its main task is to ensure public order during mass gatherings and demonstrations, role in the aftermath of an emergency event of natural or man-made temper when needed swift and effective assistance to ensure the safety of the public.

When in 1993, entered into force by the presidential decree "On strengthening the fight against organized crime" in the regions were made OPS and special sections frisky response created for power support operational activities, the best special forces and fighters company became a major bone of Izhevsk SWAT. But military operation without operational developments completely effective because the department completed the best operatives from different departments of criminal police. Such a fusion gave a positive result.

In 2002, as a result of organizational and staffing configurations in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs SWAT OCD Udmurt Republic was renamed the police unit for special purposes "Sobol" criminal police Internal Affairs for the Udmurt Republic. Last year, after a string of reforms and renames special forces police returned the historic name — SWAT.

Today's SWAT commander "Sobol" Ministry of Interior in the Udmurt Republic, the first Commander of the Order of Courage in Udmurtia, a police colonel Marat Sibal in Izhevsk special forces for 20 years. After completion of all steps of the ladder, he led the squad in 2005.

One of the legends of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation — Knight 3 orders of Courage, 4 medals "For Courage" medal "For the Motherland awards» I and II police colonel Oleg Matveev Sibaevym familiar with since childhood, they were engaged together in the Parachute club. Then, when Oleg and his brother Constantine in 1988, returned from military service in Afghanistan, the fate brought them together again in the Interior Ministry special forces, and since then does not let go.

On the history and everyday life of the Izhevsk military special forces police colonel knows Marat Sibal:
— The first chief of the 5th, combat, department of Republican OPS was Alexander Usatov. His deputies worked Rashid Sexes and Vladimir Martianov, became the backbone of the department Oleg Matveev, Alexander Umrilov, Alex Gruzdev, Sergey Fomin, Vladimir Stepanov. Usatova soon moved to work in Votkinsk, and was appointed chief of the sexes.

Active members of organized criminal groups, their cynicism and ruthlessness, audacity to go unpunished for the time being. Soon bandits met rebuff in the face of OPS. A SWAT created for instant and severe operations, from the first days of its own education began holding special events to apprehend criminals — often with the use of guns.

In September 1993, we have detained a criminal group engaged in illegal trade in non-ferrous, rare and precious metals. During searches of the bandits seized 150 kilograms of uranium 100 kg of nickel, cool and fire tool, parts and components for home-made firearms, other real property stolen from Chepetskiy mechanical plant Glazov.

Izhevsk SWAT: Neighbors Kalashnikov

Subsequent operation was to detain an armed gang who killed the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Udmurtia police colonel Nikolai Perevoshchikova and his family. Intruders by shooting sleeping on the night of October 9, the thought that cooked Colonel operation to arrest members of the OPS will be canceled. But the successors Perevoshchikova operated until hot. For some days he was detained a dozen criminals seized 44 units of fire-fighting tools, 19 units of gas, 800 rounds of ammunition, more than a kilogram of drugs, stolen vehicles found 7.

In the summer of 1995 managed to arrest 11 members of the criminal group engaged in theft devices with parts of Izhevsk Mechanical Works and the creation of their small tools and marketing. The "kulibinyh" seized six guns and 23 pistols, a hand grenade F-1, a large number of devices and ammunition, and a large sum of cash in rubles and foreign currency.

Soon, in the course of the raid, when trying to sell firearms caught 4 players once the criminal groups in clandestine criteria are going to combat firearm from parts stolen from the military industrial complex companies. Their seized 21 automatic AKM-74 with no license plates, two rounds of ammunition of different calibers, tools and tooling for the manufacture of automatic machines artisanal method, components and spare parts to the AKM.
Then came the first Chechen campaign. January 24, 1995 supplemented with 2 of Nizhny Novgorod squad through Vladikavkaz and Mozdok arrived at the Sign area Chechnya. With GUBOP operatives, GRU officers, FSK and reconnaissance we worked throughout the area of Tolstoy-Yurt to Goragorsky. For 40 6-day trip took part in 13 combat operations. Seized weapons and ammunition, cleared objects detained participants of gangs and their associates.

Izhevsk SWAT: Neighbors Kalashnikov

In February, the organization of an ambush in one of the villages of concussions Oleg Matveev. Notwithstanding the strong migraine, Oleg refused hospitalization until the end of special operations remained in the ranks. Matveev — unique patient to pain man. One day, before the trip, during the arrest of an armed with 2 axes candidate master of sport of boxing, he climbed over the balconies on the third floor and numb after hitting ax hand and an injured athlete's foot knocked raging on the floor. With the help of fellow came to the rescue tied Brawler and delivered to the department.

In summer, the department worked in Gudermes districts, participated in the operational-search activities, detentions armed Dudayev.
First suffered the loss of our department during the third fall, travel to Chechnya.

Died Oct. 10 Senior Lieutenant Yuri Small, OCD detective. He was on a temporary basis, in the first commandant severe. Suddenly the gunmen started firing at the commandant of grenade launchers. In the process of building defense Jura ran into accommodation, to be submitted to the firing position extra ammo from the back room. At this point, there has flown from pineapple grenade launcher militants. By a grenade detonated ammunition that were in the back room. The blast wave disintegrated the stone wall, demolished walls, squeezed in an accordion entire inventory. Yuri died, were injured, are not compatible with life.

Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Yuri Small permanently enrolled in the lists of personnel of the Office for Combating Organized Crime Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Udmurtia.

But the most difficult time in the first Chechen campaign began for us in March 1996.

It all started well, in January,
the deputy head of the Republican OCD Victor Vichuzhanin was appointed deputy head of the temporary administration of the Interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic. The commander of our unit of 20 2-man went Umrilov Alexander, his deputy — Igor Kozyrev. Arrived in Mozdok January 10. Guarding the headquarters of the group there. In the harsh doing sweeps of residential areas from the militants, stood at checkpoints, accompanied the column.

March 5 militants, taking advantage of the departure of army troops from harsh on the operations in the mountains of Chechnya, immediately stormed all the commandant of the town and roadblocks. In defense of strategic facilities were only small groups of employees MIA: different units of SWAT and riot troops. They have taken the brunt of Dudayev over. For 5 days of incessant fighting in the group of troops killed about 100 people and injured about three hundred, came down to 30 armored vehicles.

Izhevtsy defended the bridge over the river Sunzha. When there prepyadstviya with ammunition, requested air support. Helicopters, dropping several sighting of smoke grenades, fire fighters because of the tight had to fly to the aerodrome. Sense from a mortar attack rebel positions from the coming commandant was not there, little brother a bit of their own are not buried alive. Then together with the guys from our internal forces decided to leave, to break through the encirclement on their own in 3 infantry fighting vehicles and 2-APCs. Under the cover of your rapidly went off the bridge and took up defensive positions in the middle of any concrete beams. Not a lot of rounds left, the wounded grew worse, sit on the ground, is the environment, death, captivity. Only one way out — to move!

When we started to load up on armor, was shot in the head Lipetsk SWAT officer, three others wounded in the leg. Received a bullet in his head rolled on the pavement, but the armored vehicle moved forward, do not expect the same in the side of grenades! Matveev ran out of the ruins under fire, falling lipchanina caught, dragged behind a portage. The aid arrived in time Umrilov. Two of the wounded were able to throw the last BMP, but to save his doctors could not, the young man died of his wounds on the way.

Specifically, since the day or unchanging call sign of SWAT — "Sable" — the title of the Udmurt entrenched special forces.

The whole next day a small column of riot police running Kozyrev traveled to the Lenin Avenue to the aid of the remaining positions in the besieged comrades. Also, men are picked up in the stone streets and evacuated the bodies. Then Paul acted courageously Kites, Alex Gruzdev, Yuri Pasha, Sergei Shvetsov, Vladislav Podkin.

Umrilov coupled with the Nizhny Novgorod little brothers engaged in loading the dead and the wounded in APCs and "Ural" and the delivery of GUOSH on vzletku Airport "North". There, he met with the officers to remain in service Lipetsk SWAT, strolled to an identification.

Alexander Umrilov up trip was awarded the Order "For the awards to the Fatherland» IV Degree. In Izhevsk SWAT captain Umrilov defected from his post as deputy commander of a battalion of the 104th Guards Red Parachute Regiment, with two medals "For Military Merit".
During the break between with 2 wars in the Caucasus did not have to be bored. In March 1997, during a special operation eliminated the underground plant for the production of military small guns and ammunition, located in a temperate Izhevsk cooperative garage. Seized from criminals arsenal impressed! Mnogokaliberny tank gun "cliff", two rifles, two AK assault rifles, 29 pistols of different brands, including gas, prepared for the alteration of the firing weapon, equipment, tools and equipment, components for military guns, 8 features a silencer, 45 fuses, detonators, a mountain of ammunition. It was possible to block the channels guns coming from this group of criminals in the Moscow region.

After a month in the town of Sarapul we delayed the criminal group engaged in the supply of drugs from Kazakhstan and Tatarstan, Udmurtia, with more than 200 pounds of marijuana and 7 kilos of hashish. Drug addicts, for sure, lamented.

Izhevsk SWAT: Neighbors Kalashnikov

In January 1998, to the command of COB OCD started Ilyas Khannanov. A graduate of the Izhevsk Mechanical Institute, past officer of DOS "Merlin" Penitentiary on SD. He took the department already having worked as a deputy because a sore neuvvyazkami and potential team knew firsthand.

On the basis of experience gained in the fighting in Chechnya GUBOP Interior Ministry special forces are being introduced in the latest program from battle and specialized training. Along with the classic tactical and fire, it included amphibious training, mine and explosive case and a number of specific disciplines. Khannanov enthusiastically raised their studies department, and not in vain. Brand new war in the Caucasus began for us in September 1999, when the Department of snipers were attached to the consolidated group of special purpose, to act against militants in Dagestan. In October, with the introduction of ground troops in Chechnya, there went half of SWAT personnel.

Flew in circles over Tyumen, there was formed a composite detachment of special forces of the Ural RUBOP. Then in Novosibirsk met with the staff of the East-Siberian region. From there, have moved to Makhachkala, then in Kizlyar and, eventually, to the village Kargalinsk Shelkovskii district of Chechnya, where there were doing the first combat tasks. Then he worked in Kurchaloj, Khasavyurt around Nozhai-Yurt and Vedeno districts. So, with illumine 1999 and till this day our unit without a break is in Chechnya, fighting compartment replace each other out, the schedule figured out so Makarov, that every employee went to the Caucasus at least once a year.

In the summer of 2000 in the area Kurchaloyevskiy barged into trouble. In ambushed the crew of the BMP with the soldiers of internal troops, were all killed. In response, troops blocked half of the villages in the district with the support of the Parachute Regiment and the Interior Ministry special forces. Our staff who conducted the search actions in mountainous and forested terrain of a small village Headey, farmhouse, found large caches of ammunition, weapon, ammunition and medical supplies. Started counting the trophies. It turned out, the militants were not far off, and when he saw us, did not want to give away peacefully caches, began firing. We are taking the radial defense responded drawn into a gunfight. The militants tried to storm went forward. The distance was reduced, no one was willing to concede.

Khannanov, managing conducting a sweep operation in the adjoining village of Niki Heath, heard the sound of gunfire and sent into the woods spare armored group at 2-APCs. Those militants were driven back into the green fodder, forced to retire. An hour later came a hotline to assist ammunition and took the wounded man Oleg Matveev. Others explored the site skirmish where to find traces of blood, forgotten in the rush of ammunition and medical supplies.

In summer, our group under the command of Roman Bespalov, along with special forces from Ufa and Barrow, was fortunate to work for the benefit of the 45th separate reconnaissance airborne regiment. Commanded by Vadim Pankov, scout trooper and a large bukovkoy. Pankov, soon received a well-deserved title of Hero of the Russian Federation, especially serious about the preparation of future activities and personally gave lessons to those who had to go into battle. He gave a lot of guys, not only in strategy and technology act
ivities during the PRM, and in terms of mental preparation.

During winter trips in 2001 and calculated the squad members killed bandit group "Jihad-3", conducted the acts of sabotage against the federal forces on Victory Avenue in severity. Men without the help of others calculated the likely place and time of the attack, where he later neutralized and bandits in the laying down of a mine. When returning from surgery and their brothers from Ufa SWAT for an hour twice fired "aspiring colleagues" militants. Thank God, there were contusions and tangential shrapnel wounds, all made it to the live database.

June 11, during the reconnaissance and ambushes in the Leninsky district of the Terrible was wounded by grenade fragments detective SWAT police captain Dmitry Yakimov. Despite all the zeal of doctors, life could not be saved Dmitri, June 23, 2001, he died in the hospital from injuries acquired.

The police, he came in December 1992, and in 1994 he became an officer in SWAT. In June 1998, during the storming of the apartment Sarapul Dima personally neutralized an armed man in whose hands was a combat grenade RG-42 without safety checks. In Chechnya, Yakimov was in his own third official trip.

September 30, 2001 in the village of old Atagi eventually raid the role of DOS "Russia" and the consolidated unit COB yard personal home in an underground bunker destroyed one of the financiers and managers of Jordanian intelligence bandit Abu Yacoub, recognizable, nicknamed "Salman", and two his accomplices. Bandits obey the bloody warlord Khattab, supplied him with the means of zabugornyh sponsors and intelligence from local residents.

From bin Yakub seized a homemade mortar with ammunition, two grenade launchers, AK 7 and 400 rounds of ammunition for them, shots to the rifle-attached grenade launcher, 18 grenades, 3 artillery shells.

The operation was delayed for a day full of light, battle groups attacked three houses at once. One of the houses was uninhabited, others lived three relatives were wanted militants. Relatives interviewed and released. Rattling floors house, probing every inch of the land court, found two caches. In the recesses of the gun and ammunition, sets of foreign forms, mountaineering shoes, camouflage, unloading, sleeping bags, backpacks, radios. Someone drew attention to the thick electronic cable, hiding in the ground near the summer kitchen. Started digging along the cable, came upon the brickwork. By all indications, it was the wall of the bunker, nestled under the ground to a depth of several meters. In the bunker probably hiding militants. Summer kitchen under the sink found the sticking out of the ground disguised as a drain pipe, apparently duct. Thrown inside the pipe set on fire by smoke signals, hoping that the smoke coming out, tells a secret prolazit. Smoke was not, it turned out that drafts bolshennom burned in a sealed room.

The commander of DOS "Russia" Yuri Didkovskiy decided to undermine discovered laying. Undermined in the hole threw grenades. Fighter prolezshy in prolazit, the smoke did not find out and report that the room is empty. It's amazing.

Heavy hatch, serves as the entrance, found a yard on rampant around the site. Hatch was filled with concrete. Opened the hatch, and there — a ladder on which to climb insurgent hands. Twisted adversary, followed by followed suit — two grenades fly skyward. One exploded, injuring Didkovskiy, 2nd — home made — has not worked. A couple of militants who were trying to break into the world with guns blazing, filled up on the spot. Dungeon threw grenades. Abu Yaqub, who was hiding in the far corner of the room, died from shrapnel wounds.

Izhevsk SWAT: Neighbors Kalashnikov

Climbed down and stupefied: bunker was comfortable structure, in which one could live a month. Sofas, two composting toilets, electric range and impressive products in store, video, radio, antenna which found a tree on adjacent systems, cleaning and regeneration air. Technology.

Six months later, again hit the zavarushku in an old Atagi. SWAT armored vehicle came under fire from machine guns. Contrary hunches fighters congregate with your men do not lay down in the shelter, and rushed forward. The attackers, throwing weapon, ammunition and radio, rapidly disappeared in the thicket.
In autumn 2004, distinguished officers standing on policing in Udmurtia. Together with operatives OCD was disclosed organized criminal society engaged in selling large quantities of drugs. To catch drug traffickers in the act, decided to conduct a special operation. The apartment door, in what was a favorite with the party OPS heroin has been strengthened, and the offender could during her opening kill clues, because experts-altitude flown to the bandit in the window NIGHT MODE, quickly descended from the roof of high-rise buildings on the ropes. The offender did not have time not that I hide the evidence, his eyes tear a click and no time.

August 28, 2008 was another black day or for our special mission forces. In the harsh police sergeant died Maxim Loggers, the driver of the second crew compartment. Days of being in a group of military cover up search operations in the area Shatoyskiy, Maxim fulfilled all the tasks assigned to it, has promoted find and neutralize disguised weapon stash. At 17 hours and 50 minutes, while returning from conducting an ORM in harsh, the car was fired upon with employees, loggers, was fatally injured and before the arrival of "emergency" died on the spot.
Maxim three times went on a long trip to the North Caucasus, was awarded the medal "For Distinguished protection of public order."

Six months after the disaster Interior Minister Udmurtia Militia Major General Vladimir Sosnowski gave parents Maxim Olegovicha Drovosekova Order of Courage.

The last couple of years restlessly in Dagestan. Specifically here from other Caucasian republics flock offenders of all stripes, adding homegrown gang of thugs. Under the guise of the sacred banner of Islam, they create chaos: kill law enforcement officers, government officials, journalists, clergy, and all those who are trying to keep the peace and prosperity to the old land of Dagestan.
August 14 last year during a special operation in the Khasavyurt district of Dagestan in a car crash near the village of Batashyurt died Police Major Abukar Rizakhanov. Over 17 years of service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in his file had accumulated 94 promotion, including the medal of the Order "For the awards to the Fatherland» I and II, two medal "For Courage" medal "For Distinguished Service in the protection of public order." Abukar was a skilled warrior, but the twelfth business trip to the Caucasus became fatal for him.

Izhevsk SWAT: Neighbors Kalashnikov

Abukar Balabekovich was born in 1974 and before the army lived in a mountain village Sirtich Tabasaranskogo region of Dagestan. He served in the Interior Troops in Izhevsk, where he remained, going to work in the police, the regiment patrol. PPP, not including quenching and operational abilities, gave Abukar family fortune — during the 1st of duty, he met his soul mate. Saving attractive student Galina from harassment drunken passer, a policeman and did not mean that soon it will become faithful wife and companion, the mother of his 2-children.

Four years Rizakhanov in th
e duty to maintain order dresses on the street, then made his way into SWAT. OCD, in addition to ordinary commando service, which is used Rizahanova and work undercover. Abukar charismatic, media ordinary Caucasian appearance, under the guise of criminal authority was introduced into the group, which sells guns and drugs. After a time, "crime boss" found conspiratorial methods to bring criminals to clean water and organized the arrest.

As part of the Interior Ministry special forces FOG Rizakhanov in June 2011, took part in the storming of the house in the Naur district of Chechnya, in what was hiding a wanted thriller, formerly part of a band of "Black Angel" Ruslan Gelaev. This action, after escaping from Russian justice recent years hiding in the Ukraine, and returned to his homeland to probe the situation and maybe again to do illegal things, but was tracked down and caught.
August 14 Abukar detained a suspicious man. When the search he found a homemade explosive device — "shahid belt", grenades, extremist literature, dark cloth with Arabic script, commonly used as a flag bandits. The man admitted that he NIGHT MODE from the forest to the address specified in advance will gunman, so stock up on groceries and get information from the helper.

At the address group Rizahanova left on 2-machines in the evening. So as not to lure to attract attention, the operatives were in civilian clothes. "Lada", belonging to the detainee, initially led Abukar, owner of the car took the passenger seat. But a few kilometers from the village, to conspiracy, Major exchanged places with him: in the small village of outsiders will see the emergence of a descent, and the means needed to enable local self taxied his car. Anyone driving away, softly whispered prayer, and suddenly drove into the oncoming lane, right under the approaching juggernaut KamAZ. Head-on collision "Lada" crumpled like a tin can, the driver died on the spot, two policemen who were in the back seat, with numerous fractures are not life threatening, were hospitalized. Rizakhanov without regaining consciousness, died in a clinic Khasavyurt.

In just the last few years on the territory of the North Caucasus region of Izhevsk SWAT officers arrested 75 active members of the bandit group, seized 70 pieces of military weapons and 30 pomegranate, 17 shots to the RPG, 3 ATGM "Fagot" and "car" ammunition seized about 120 ton, with obvious signs of configuration factory marking, as are the federal wanted list.

Last year, a group of our employees participated in the anti-terrorist operation in the area of Elbrus region of Kabardino-Balkaria, in the town of Tyrnyauz where fighting with the bandits lurking in the mines of tungsten-molybdenum plant.

Izhevsk SWAT: Neighbors Kalashnikov

We participated in the events in the aftermath of man-made emergency disposition plan "Typhoon-1" when the terrain of the 102nd Artillery missile arsenal Head control in the village Pugachevo Malopurginskogo area there was a great failure — there was a spontaneous explosion of ammunition.

Have acquired good experience in 2006 in St. Petersburg, where he participated in the preparation and holding of the summit of heads of eight countries, international club, which brings together the governments of Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the U.S., France and the Land of the Rising Sun.

Now our party is in sync, perfectly cooked, highly mobile unit. The words "Serve the Fatherland and special forces" for us is not just a word, and the meaning of life!

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