Izhmash introduced the first standard Kalashnikov fifth generation

In 2011, the completed assembly and testing of the first prototype began the standard Kalashnikov 5th generation with the working title of the AK-12. Development the new machine is in an active manner to June 2011 under the head designer of "Izhmash" Zlobina Vladimir Viktorovich. "The development of a new family of automatic weapons is a priority for Izhmash to return the global share of the market" — said Maxim V. Kuzyuk, the general director of "Izhmash".

Izhmash introduced the first model of the fifth-generation Kalashnikov assault rifle

AK-12 on the right with the regular store. Photo: NGO "Izhmash"

In the development of the AK-12, the designers managed to do much better the machine, adapting it to modern conditions of warfare, with all this keeping unique to Kalashnikovs properties: simplicity of design, high reliability, operational strength of the relatively low cost of production of AA and its modifications.

For the machine to retain the traditional assembly, as it allows you to make regular automatic constructively with the possibility of the installation of a massive muzzle device and store large capacity.

One of the features of the new AC will be its modularity: AK-12 is created as the base platform, on the basis of which will be developed in the coming about 20 different versions of small guns civilian and military mission to fire bullets from 5.45 to 7.62 x 39 mm h51mm.

The new machine is much refined ergonomics: the governing body of the instrument (fuse, switch type of fire, magazine release, bolt stop) became available one hand holding the automatic. The design of the AK-12 integrated Picatinny rail for installation of additional equipment: optical, collimating and night sights, rangefinders, grenade launchers, light, target designators, and other body kit that will allow excellent tool to use at any time of the day. Also acquired automatic folding telescopic buttstock, adjustable trim and butt plate. Handle reloading AK-12 can be mounted on either the right or the left, which will allow it comfortable to use and right-handers and left-handers.

In the middle of innovations are also 3 modes of fire: single shots, with a cut-off of 3 shots and automatic. Muzzle device machine modified to ensure the ability of the receiver firing grenades foreign production. AK-12 in the current time developing new stores: box-30 and 60 chargers and drum for 95 rounds.

To increase the efficiency of a single lamp on the AK-12 is a new mechanical sight with increased sighting line and trunk with advanced features for precision manufacturing. To improve the accuracy of automatic firing characteristics altered the dynamic properties of the automation and the shape of the butt (shoulder reduced recoil).

In the middle of configurations should be noted as a new trigger mechanism, the introduction of a stop valve and the latest design of the bolt. When designing AK-12 used new technologies in the field of coatings and materials, more than 10 new technical solutions will be implemented and are licensed in the development of different models of the machine.

Already conducted test firing on a test basis of "Izhmash", based on them will undergo further configuration in the design and ergonomics of the gun. According to V. Zlobina, "work on the creation of an AK-12 last. We still have a lot of work and consultations with competent spices that are interested in the development of modern, efficient, reliable Russian automaton complex. "

AK-12 is developed for export, but the main characteristics of it corresponds to the current requirements of the Defense Ministry to automatic weapons, fighter armament requirements for Russian army. In the presence of the state order the plant is ready to supply AK-12 into the armed forces and special forces Russian Federation.

Of the officials first saw the machine Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who visited the Izhmash January 24, 2012. Chief designer "Izhmash" Vladimir Zlobin carefully said Deputy Prime Minister of all significant improvements AK, thanks to a new machine that will meet modern requirements for small arms. Dmitry O. showed a lively interest in the AK-12, said that automatic moving in the right direction, and asked to be invited to the municipal tests. According to preliminary estimates, they may begin in late 2012 and early 2013. A lot of enthusiasm to the new product has shown and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, requesting an AK-12 into trial operation.

Information about the designer:
Vladimir Zlobin was offered the position of head designer Concern "Izhmash" of the Central Design Research Bureau of Sporting hunting guns Tula (TsKIB COO), where he developed small arms and grenade guns and ammunition since 1986. Worked with such prominent designers as Tula, GA Korobov, IJ Stechkin, NM Afanasyev and many others.

VV Zlobin many years working on the orders of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, because most of the developments so far are closed. Pays great attention to the development of systems "tool-munition ". Since 2004, the armed special forces of the Russian Federation adopted on 11 products development VV Zlobina and 6 products recommended for adopting. Among them, the sniper rifle videoconferencing, NE, avtomatASh-12 and ammunition to them. Total VV Zlobin developed the order of 40 samples of small arms and grenade launchers.

V. Zlobin was invited to the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant new manager Kuzyuk MV In May 2011, after the start-up programs from monetary recovery. Along with the development of the AK-12 under its management are working to create a promising samples machines with automatic equilibrium and the offset recoil.

In the circle of designers enjoys a reputation enthusiastic spices, thoughts generator capable of creatively solve the most complex and unusual tasks.

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