Izhmash is preparing the latest rifle

Scientific and Production Association "Izhmash", producing the world famous hunting and sporting weapons and Kalashnikovs, in 2014 the world will present the latest automatic sniper rifle. This was not so long ago, said the general director of Maxim Kuzyuk.

Izhmash is preparing a new rifle

According to him, rifle will own unique features for their own class. Already in 2013, has completed development of tools, and it will begin testing. At this point in the same class of "Izhmash" produces Dragunov rifle.

In addition, Kuzyuk revealed that plant will take into account the military's complaints about the low maintenance properties and inflated prices sniper rifle CB-98, made in the 1998-2000 period. a team of designers under the direction of Vladimir Stronsky. General Director presented the difficulties associated with the CB-98, may be due to bulkiness of the former economic system of "Izhmash".

"The designers, merchants and industrialists were in a different legal structures, the response has been slow, and prirekaniya — fair," — explained to Kuzyuk. Managing convinced that the restructuring of "Izhmash" interaction with spices marketing engineers who speak more suppliers will be built over a well. Namely, the value will be given a special provision of high quality services.

"Izhmash" and delivered a number of technological prirekany to the CB-98. Thus, rifle has become more normal operation and received new guidelines build. Thanks to the trunk of the modernized it becomes more applicable for repair.

Kuzyuk also recalled that the state corporation "Russian Technologies" gradually making on the basis of "Izhmash" Holding suppliers of small guns. It includes the Izhevsk Mechanical plant, Vyatskie Polyanskii plant "Hammer", KBAL name Koshkin THREAD "Progress". Business combinations in a single structure will allow economically invest in the modernization of the equipment and not squander funds. The new management hopes that this policy will ultimately make and bring to market new products, such as the Kalashnikov fifth generation. We also consider the possible inclusion in the future of the holding and ammunition plants to close on him the entire production cycle.

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