Izhmash is ready to assist the revival of DOSAAF

Izhmash is ready to help revive the system DOSAAF

July 7, in the suburbs, there was another meeting of the Interagency Working Group under the military-industrial complex of the Russian Government, led by Dmitry Rogozin. One of the issues discussed at the meeting was revival in schools and initial military training system DOSAAF.

The representative of the NGO "Izhmash" said the working group on the broad capabilities of the enterprise for the development of this direction. Namely, Izhmash is ready to supply schools for the revival of NVP weight and size mock combat guns — AK and SVD, which will allow young people to get an idea about the weapon and help in shaping the culture appeals to him. In addition, representatives of law enforcement agencies have expressed our company to make a request for multimedia content that will be in the form of a regular and enjoyable to acquaint the younger generation with the tools and features of the device appeals to him.

As support DOSAAF the plant is ready to ensure adequate supplies small-caliber guns to practice an effective system of fire training recruits, and military versions of airsoft-gun (airsoft guns), the development of which ends at the moment at Izhmash.

Proposals were received by the plant with great enthusiasm: the last time the company will prepare a management DOSAAF more detailed proposals for the supply of the necessary tools.

At a subsequent meeting of the working group of representatives of the NGO "Izhmash" expect proposals to modernize weapons systems used AK Ministry of Defense, which will allow to tighten traditional AK-74 to date.

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