Izhmash: new AK will be a platform for the production of modern weapons

On the prospects of production capacity to ensure the new Russian military machine and its exports over the limit told the interim CEO of the NGO "Izhmash" Alexander Kosov.

This year, there was immediately a number of significant events, concerns AK: Designer Misha Kalashnikov be 93 years old, in turn, the company "Izhmash", which owns exclusive rights to the development and production of Kalashnikov rifles and Nikonov, announced the development of a new machine 5th generation — the AK- 12. This news did not leave indifferent not only to professionals and the military in Russia, but many professionals abroad. The Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK) is the most popular and fit in small weapon in many armies in the world. Many countries, paying tribute to the work of neotkaznoy machine, which played a major role in the history of their countries, depict the AK on their own coats of arms.

On the prospects of production capacity to ensure the new Russian military machine and its exports over the limit in an interview with RIA Announces said interim general director of "Izhmash" Alexander Kosov. Sergei Garifullin debated.

— Russian President Vladimir Putin has supported the idea of a business combination "Izhmash" and "Izhmeh" as part of "Russian Technologies" under the brand name "Kalashnikov". When will the registration mark "Kalashnikov"? What dividends will this move?

— I think that this idea we will not comment. Kalashnikov brand run by the family of Misha Kalashnikov, respectively, all the solutions in this respect can only be taken by them.

I can only say that I think "Izhmash" brand no less severe than the Kalashnikov. This is a company with 205 years of history, which has brought its own contribution to the victory of our country in all wars, and basically, that continuity is maintained irrespective of the political and economic decisions.

— Alexander, 17 December 2012 will be announced on the name of the new general director of "Izhmash". Are you registered as a candidate for a role in the competition?

— In the "Russian Technologies" briefed about what results it has achieved "Izhmash" in the near future. Also, the company's management knows about my vision for development of the company coming years. We have to take as a base of three basic principles: to provide high quality products, once a year to bring to market new products 2-3 and certainly to tie wages to its results. Work in each of these areas we are already. If, no matter who will be assigned to the CEO, this senior manager will retain three basic guide, the "Izhmash" will be a decent future.

— By the end of this year, "Izhmash" Interior Ministry planned to put about 2,000 carbines "Saiga". Completed a delivery? Is there any orders for the next year? What other country except Indonesia, showed enthusiasm for "Saiga"?

— We had planned to put in the Ministry of Internal Affairs more than 2,000 products. Creation of this order is started, and I am confident that by the end of this year we will certainly fulfill all our obligations. Moreover, as part of measures to increase the properties of this year we were able to provide some performance improvement in the service implements. For example, released this year for the Ministry of Internal Affairs carbine "Saiga-20SV 'stores will be interchangeable, whereas previously required a personal fit. We also managed to improve the quality of the production shafts, as a result accuracy is 50% on average, although the design documentation requested 40%. Extraordinary pride in the "Izhmash" and called AK tested for "persistence". Of certain products we shot over the requirements of technical criteria and found that the Kalashnikov nastrel can withstand almost three times higher than those described in our warranty obligations. These studies allow us now guarantee increment resource machines and possibly some other products made on the basis of AK. I am sure that the Interior Ministry is interested in the highest quality of procured products and evaluate our initiatives in this area.

As for the enthusiasm for the "Saiga" of the security forces of foreign countries, then, of course, high enthusiasm of the U.S., where we supply huge quantities of products, as well as the States Azitsko Pacific: Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan.

— What "Izhmash" plans to bet in the next — on the AK-12 or AK-74M?

— These are two fundamentally different products, each having different tasks.

If upgrading the AK-74 was designed to support the Ministry of Defense and the ability to make improvements already made machines to modern requirements of the armed forces, the AK-12 — is the first brand-new platform for the production of modern weapons. In fact, over the last two puzzles work. The option of upgrading the AK-74 in TSNIITOCHMASH sent for tests, after which on the Interagency Working Group will decide on the implementation of this decision. In this case, we do not exclude that will be taken several upgrade options, as each arm of the service has its own characteristics and requirements, and upgrading of industrial products in the criteria we consider them very. For example, for special forces on the AK-74 to install a folding buttstock with adjustable ergonomics, and for the Army — telescopic. At the last exhibition in Indonesia, we have identified the enthusiasm of foreign countries to the modernized version of the AK-74, so do not rule out the supply of guns in this configuration over the limit at least until such time as the AK-12 will not be put into service of the Russian army.

As for the AK-12, this brand new development of "Izhmash", in which is stored the reliability of the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle, but its first modular design and ergonomics, the ability to control fire, shooting accuracy — are in the best modern standards. AK-12 was developed in conjunction with the tight fit different types of troops, who will use it. Model of the AK-12 has already passed the full range of tests in TsNIITochmash and we got the necessary expert advice to continue working on this product. We think that the subsequent mock AK-12, in which the removal of all the comments we have by mid-2013 will be able to bring to the municipal tests.

Along with the work on the prototype combat, we are developing a civilian guns based on the AK-12. In 2013, we plan to introduce three new customers rifled carbine and one shotgun 12 gauge. I think that these standards will be delivered in a series of even earlier than fighting machine. On the civilian standards AK-12 and we are counting, it does not only in Russia but also abroad.

— Whether you are currently working on creating some new tools? What weapons produced at the "Izhmash", is in the process of modernization?

— As noted earlier, is developing several civilian and military designs on the platform AK-12.

I think that this year we will complete the development of small-caliber rifles CM2-KO and BI-7-2-KO with reloading mechanism similar to biathlon rifles. The products we focus on the U.S. market, as the shooting veselitelnaya developed in the United States, even more than in Russia and other countries. Curiously, the new small-caliber rifles would cost in the range of 200-300 bucks, because a market forecast is quite large.

Also in the plans of the plant to release in the coming year or two, several versions of the airsoft-recognizable products (SVD, AN-94, PP "Vityaz-SN"). And together with the Federation of practical shooting is currently being developed for practical rifled carbine shooting. First of next year plan to give it to the test team shooters "Russian Technologies".

— When will be given a license to build Kalashnikov assault rifles as a "cell" series in India, as planned? What other countries have applied and showed enthusiasm on the licensed production?

— We talk about the fact that the Indian direction only under negotiation, no specific decisions "Rosoboronexport" has been taken. Work is also underway to build plants in Azerbaijan and Venezuela. In Azerbaijan, we have already reached the step setting up the equipment and start-up of production in Venezuela — lasts for construction of industrial buildings, although the equipment, materials, some components for production we have already delivered.

In the near future of the country, which "Izhmash" selling licenses for the establishment of AA, showing enthusiasm for modernization and technology. These issues are also on the elaboration of "Rosoboronexport".

— In anticipation of winter burning questions about our biathlon team. How many new rifles "Biathlon" was sent to our team this year? What kind of feedback and suggestions about the rifle you hear from athletes?

— In the summer we put our first team in biathlon rifles 6. The new gun got Olga Viluhina, Catherine Glazyrina, Eugene Garanichev, Yana Romanova and other athletes. During the competition, summer biathlon rifle proved to be excellent, and at the moment we are waiting for data on the usage patterns of these rifles in the winter, in freezing temperatures. Season has already started, and Olga Viluhina already seized his rifle with our first medal at the World Cup stage in Ostersund. In general, the reviews are waiting and are ready to provide our team with rifles in their entirety.

— How do you feel about the issue of legalization of guns?

— I believe that we need to revise the rules for obtaining licenses. At this point, you can simply purchase a massive smooth shotgun 12 gauge, type "Saiga-12", which has the highest destructive power, and for the purchase of small caliber need to wait 5 years. The question of legalization of guns, certainly deserves discussion.

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