Izhmash will introduce new standards of weapons for the forces of law and order

Izhmash will introduce new models of weapons for the forces of law and order

From 11 to 15 June the NGO "Izhmash" accept the role at the International Defence Exhibition Eurosatory-2012 in Paris. The plant will introduce new items are popular — tool for the forces of law and order, as required in the standards of Europe, already known to combat gun Izhmash.

Among the most anticipated new products of the exhibition — "Saiga-12" in the performance for the forces of law and order. This impeccable tool For police departments, in which the reliability and operational strength of the Kalashnikov assault rifle mix with the introduction of multi-functionality. Shotgun with automatic recharging and box magazine prototype as well with ordinary ammunition and ammunition stopping acts: shot, buckshot, rubber bullets, etc. "Saiga-12" for the forces of law and order has a short barrel and a Picatinny rail for mounting sights, additionally can be equipped with interchangeable choke tubes for beating locks and doors. The highest rate of fire, power, fire ensures the highest accuracy of the demand for "Saiga-12" is not only in the forces of law and order, and in the middle of practical shooting sports and hunting. A similar modification of the "Saiga-12" since the beginning of 2012 comes to U.S. police forces.

Representatives of law enforcement agencies certainly intrigue and carbine "B-7-2KO" civilian equivalent sniper rifle "SV-99". It is intended to ensure a highly precise shooting at distances up to 100 meters in counter-terrorism efforts by the security forces in the criteria for limited space with the massive crowds of people. Carabiner equip Picatinny rail for installation of advanced optical and collimator sights, night vision devices as Russian and zabugornogo production. The gun provides high accuracy of fire of small-caliber ammunition such as .22 LR and .22 WMR.
In the middle of the traditional ruler of combat weapons plant will also provide Kalashnikovs, "a series of one-hundredth" automatic Nikonov AN-94, sniper rifles SVD, SIDS, NE-98 submachine gun, "Bison", high-precision artillery shells "Kitolov-2M" and "Krasnopol."
The exhibition NGOs "Izhmash" plan to negotiate first with the police forces of France, who have already shown interest in the Saiga and other weapons for the forces of law and order.

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