Jewish mafia in Russia

"Russia — mononational country. In her more than 82% of Russian and about 3% of the Jews. Russian does not reign in Israel. Why Jews rule in Russia? "Every nation has the right to a place under the sun, but not at the expense of others … who in the course of a crime and is silent — the accomplice and no better than the criminals … The goyim. Gentiles are called all non-Jews, regardless of color, and the so-called nationality. Gd identified only purpose of existence of the goyim — to serve the people of Israel, that is, to us, the Jews, making it easier, thus our service of Gd.

From the point of view of Judaism, the Jews have over the goyim absolute and unfettered power.

Goy — is immeasurably different, in comparison with the Jews, the stage of creation.

The difference between Jews and Gentiles in their true, hidden, internal, non-material nature is as great as between Jews and apes, from which some are trying to bring gentiles their origin.

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