Jews do control the media

Jews do control the media

We Jews are a funny breed. We love to boast any Jewish actor. Sometimes we like to think that the actor — a Jew — just because he likes us so that we consider it worthy to be in our company. We boasted of Jewish writers, Jewish politicians, Jewish managers. Every time one of them would give a hint of some movie, book, or other work of art, we always give out something like: "Do you know that he is a Jew? '.

We — a group that is all behind him, and this applies not only to the world of art. We have, for example, is AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee, ca., which essentially created solely with the task of promoting a particular purpose in Washington. And it is great to cope with it. And this we boast.

But the funny thing is that if any anti-Semite or a hater of Israel begins to orate on "Jews control the media," and "Jews control Washington!", We suddenly get up on its hind legs. We begin large-scale campaign to discredit these people. We are doing everything in our power so that they lost their jobs. We print the article. We have created entire organizations exist only to tell everyone that the Jews do not control. No, we do not control the media, and the impact we have in Washington is no more than the others. No, no, no, we bozhimsya: we just like everyone else!

See whether this irony someone else (if it is not a blind fanatic)?

Let's be honest with yourself here, brothers Jews. We really control the media. We have so many of his men in leadership positions in all the major film companies, it is almost indecent. Almost every movie or TV series, chock full of actors, directors and writers of Jewish origin. Did you know that all the eight major movie studios run the Jews?

But this is not all. We still control the ads, which are interrupted by these serials.

And let's not forget about AIPAC, pear favorite whipping every anti-Semite. We're talking about an organization that is actually the equivalent of a meeting of the Elders of Zion. I know that I will answer. That everyone is trying to influence politicians. Any group of people, whether minority or majority. That each group has a unspecified number of successful actors and directors. But this does not mean that we are dressed with Hollywood or Madison Avenue (nominal designation of the American advertising industry, approx. What Melissa Gibsons world right (apparently a reference to the hero in the movie Gibson 1997 "Conspiracy theories, approx.) When they talk about the fact that we intentionally use their power to take over the world. That we have in the process of implementing a some crazy conspiracy.

Maybe it's true — all lobbying. Perhaps it is true that among the actors are representatives of all nationalities. But it will be the same for you. We brag about it constantly. Can not we accept that we are incredibly successful? Can not we tell the world about it?

I will present his theory about why the Jews did not want to dwell on its control of the media.

First of all, in the same degree that Jews like to admit that so many of them have been successful, and so many of them had achieved so much, they hate the recognition that it is somehow connected with their Jewishness. Perhaps they allow that it has something to do with their life experiences as Jews. But how many Jews recognize that in each of them there is something innate, which helps them to achieve impressive results?

Chairman of the Anti-Defamation League's Abe Foxman in an excellent article, which focused on the topic before us, gave an interview in which said, "would prefer that people say that many executives in the industry" happen to be Jews. " The above can be said to summarize the general line of the party.

The truth is that anti-Semites have understood it correctly. We, the Jews, there is something embedded in each of us — is that completely differentiates us from any other group in the world. This is a group of people who literally traveled to the death camps, survived pogroms, decimating entire the family. And then they come to America, the only place in all this time has given them a real opportunity to have this amount of power, what they wanted, so they clean up its hands on it. Please do not tell me that any other band in the world ever do that. Only Jews. And we did it before. That is why the Jews were enslaved in Egypt. We were too successful. Take and read the Torah. And we did the same in Germany.

The ability to get their way, this internal stimulus that does not result from years of training or any other variety of factors external environment and the internal spark in every Jew.

Now smart groups like the ADL or AIPAC itself repugnant idea to go along with it, because it is primarily secular organizations. Their whole program is built around the study of the fact that every Jew is no different from any other person in the world. I can not imagine a more wonderful program. No, we are different. We are special.

Of course, people do not like to hear that. They believe that the words of the particular Jews somehow insinuate that Jews better.

To be honest, I do not really know what is meant by the word "better." I'm only in the fact that to be special simply means that a person has a duty to do good.

I think this is the real reason why Jews are so afraid to acknowledge at something on the nature of the powerful and good. Not because they are afraid to be special. And because they are afraid of responsibility. This means that they are suddenly drops of wine for indecent television series created by them, polluting the spiritual atmosphere of the planet. This means that you can not do just for fun or even for the sake of "art."

Suddenly it turns out that we have no right to spoil the world.

Remarkably, the Jews did to the world a lot and in many different ways. They are making progress in the area of civil rights, they have helped to save lives in Darfur, Haiti, and in general, almost everywhere.

But this is not enough. Solution to the problems in the world physically — only half the battle.

Our larger, more serious battle — is the rise of the spiritual level of the world. And this is exactly what shun those who in every fiber of his soul doing their best to prove that the Jews — are the same as everyone else. This means that we can no longer simply "express themselves." We have to think about what we create and how we behave. This means that we have to start working together. This means that we will have to wait for each other, and from themselves, respect for higher standards.

However, the time has come. We no longer need to change their names. We do not need to adapt like a chameleon. We own the whole country, damn it.

Instead, we can be proud of themselves and at the same time aware of its great responsibility — and your shans.e

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