Journal Legacy resumes regular output

After nearly a year's break to resume regular yield one of the most popular Belarusian historical periodicals — the magazine "Heritage". This was announced by the chief editor Alexei Khadika.

One of the few free stands for the humanities — the magazine "Heritage" — last year was under threat of extinction. Financial problems are not allowed to publish the magazine on a regular basis: in 2009, the "legacy" left to the reader only once, by the end of 2010, edition promises to give also the only current number. Starting next year, the same old log periodicity is restored, — said the chief editor Alexei Khadika:

it will be re-registered as a non-state half-log …

"I talked to discussing this issue with the Minister of Culture Paul Latushko. He offered to make him a letter after the presidential election. And then it will be considered that the "Heritage" will be re-registered, but it will be re-registered as a magazine half the non-state, that is — continues to be the founder of Center "Society," and claimed half a part of the Ministry of Culture. "

Editor in chief confident that such an option would give the magazine a few good points:

subscribe to will do Only in the second half of next year …

"We will then easily return to the membership. However, you can subscribe will do Only in the second half of next year, but much earlier, we can distribute the magazine through the stalls. And the third — we will then rent an office in the normal place is not for ten euros square meter, and, say, five — as a preferential arrangement. "

Khadika noted here that direct financial assistance from the state "legacy" would not be so it will retain editorial independence. The following year, in an updated form of the magazine will be published quarterly.

The magazine will be something like "Newsweek" …

"We want to go first, in color format. Magazine will look something like« Newsweek ». It will be on thin paper, eighty percent of the pages — white, brown and black, and twenty percent — color. This will be a normal European magazine normal European size. "

The first renovated room due in March. Its theme — "Alchemy, history and science in the Belarusian culture." The next two will be devoted respectively 415th anniversary of the Union of Brest and the memory of the historian Paul Marinkina.

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