Kastusyou and Rymashevski in Belarusian and others — who are both

The regional headquarters of the opposition candidates have started to distribute leaflets, posters and other campaign materials. Exceptionally they Belarusian-Gregory Kastusiou and Vitaly Rymashevsky. Other candidates — sometimes Belarusian-Russian, and in most — in Russian.

Gomel Oblast

"We would like the candidates spoke in the language of their parents'

In Gomel, billboards were first pre-election leaflets and stickers of alternative candidates for the presidency. Andrei Sannikov, Nikolai Statkevich, Alexander Lukashenko use the Russian language. Printed in Russian and their programs, leaflets, which are now distributed by activists picket lines.

Narrating Catherine, agitatarka initiative group Statkevich:

"The leaflets in Russian to reach the largest number of voters, because our voters are not always ready to receive the information in the Belarusian language. And if leaflet in Russian, the more people will read and understand. But there are leaflets and programs

If leaflet in Russian, the more people will read and understand.

printed in Belarusian. "

Mr. Arkady, Activist team Sannikov, said that the language of propaganda materials better to ask the candidate himself, as in the region are of the printed products, received centrally from Minsk:

"That he should ask.'s Just that he is not against the Russian language and for good relations with Russia. And plus to that — half the voters, if not more, Russian-speaking. So, I think they were drawn, and a candidate in Russian."

In Belarusian printed campaign fliers Gregory Kastusiou. They clearly show the position of the candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, "Over the Belarusian language, During the Belarusian State, During the force of law».

Mostly Belarusian language enjoys in the campaign Vitaly Rymashevski, the candidate of the Belarusian Christian Democrats.

His posters — in Belarusian. Gomel canvassers handing out fliers with a photo and biography Rymasheuski printed in Belarusian. On the flip side — the text in Russian under the title: "We do not pa, no time, no fear."

Says campaign manager Rymasheuski in the region Yuri Klimovitch:

"When I hand out leaflets, but I speak Belarusian. But if happens sometimes that you meet with some aggression, not to aggravate the situation, and then move on to the Russian."

In order not to aggravate the situation in the Russian move on.

Gomel voter Tatiana surprised that even such a well-known Belarusian poet, as Nekljaev, color leaflets printed entirely in Russian:

"It is surprising, of course, is surprising. Would like to see them talking in the language of their parents. And so agitated."

Pickets for alternative candidates

Picket for Lukashenko

Poster Sannikov

Agitators for Rymasheuski and Statkevich

Next to picket for Rymasheuski

Flyers Statkievich in Russian


Center agitation — Central Square in the market

Most of the promotional materials of the presidential candidates, which are distributed in Brest, — in Russian. The only exception is the candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, which initially leads his campaign in their native language.

Campaign materials almost all presidential candidates have already been delivered to Brest and distributed to voters. Permanent pickets, a gathering signatures and is now campaigning for candidates — a small square near the Central Market. Trustee Gregory Kastusiou in Brest Inladimer Krasko says that the campaign materials will soon fall by the voters:

"The materials we already have at our headquarters. Expect that in a short time we finally obtain the necessary number of posters. Clear that all the materials in the Belarusian language. General, the entire campaign was conducted in the Belarusian language, from the collection of signatures, meetings with voters. So and campaign materials. "

Most of the candidates are campaigning in Russian. Information leaflets Statkevich, Yaroslav Romanchuk — in Russian. Trustee Statkevich in Brest Tchaikovsky Victor says that even in the regions of the materials are in Russian:

"The majority of the population of Brest, even up to 90% —

Most of the population of Brest, even up to 90% — Russian-speaking.

Russian-speaking. Brest residents consider Russian their native language and use it in everyday life. Therefore, the materials that they do not vykidvalisya, and read, create, in Russian. "

Information leaflets Andrei Sannikov, who can be seen in many places in Brest, campaigning for a candidate in Russian. At Vital Rymasheuski, as the agent of a candidate for Brest Dmitry Shurhay, used by both Russian and Belarusian language:

"The campaign is conducted in two languages. Though we can safely say that the Belarusian language is much more. But we have such and leaflets, which on one hand is written in Belarusian, and the second — in Russian. Thus trying to attract and Russian-speaking people . But most — in the Belarusian language. "

Propaganda leaflets of candidates

The campaign Statkevich is in Russian


Vitebsk Region

"In Russian candidates adjust to the voters"

The Vitebsk region spread propaganda materials of several candidates for the presidency — especially those who have already visited the region or meeting which is planned in the coming days.

So, on November 29 in the distributed leaflets in support of Gregory Kastusiou who gave a demonstration in Vitebsk on the candidate himself. Then he took up the spread of the head of the Vitebsk staff of the candidate from the BPF Alexander Kuznetsov:

"We handed out leaflets on them — portrait, biography of the candidate, and the statements of Messrs. Milinkevich Yanukevich. Our leaflets in the Belarusian language, posters too. Indeed, it is a national candidate. Single. All the other folks that I've seen — in Russian or halved. Here I saw a flyer for Rymasheuski, where the first page of the Belarusian language, and the other — in Russian. "

According to Alexander Kuznetsov, candidate of the Party of the BPF should

The candidate of the Party of the BPF to be the personification of the Belarusian and Belarusian language allows voters to objectively perceive it.

to be the personification of the Belarusian and Belarusian language allows voters to objectively perceive it. By the way, Mr. Kuznetsov, an ethnic Russian who was brought up in a military family, the Belarusian language did not know at all. But, once in the team Kastusiou actively took up the study:

"I felt responsible for the candidate for the party. 'Cause all gathered into a fist — and teach the Belarusian language!"

Flyers candidate Nikolai Statkevich that demonstrates good command and Russian and Belarusian language — only in Russian. Why — says the agent of a candidate in Vitebsk Alexei Gavrutikov:

"Leaflets Statkevich — there photography, his slogan" Homeland. Honor. People, "treatment" Dear compatriots! "- All in Russian. Well, that's his choice! Majority of the population speak the language, and he added the realities of life."

Agitation for a boycott — only in Belarusian

But the campaign for a boycott of the election is conducted exclusively in Vitebsk

Agitation for a boycott of the election is conducted exclusively in Vitebsk in Belarusian.

in Belarusian. Oppositionist Boris Khamaida the second week to go out with different posters of Lenin:

"Participation in the electoral farce — it's treason," "Without a legitimate constitution is not legitimate elections, the legitimate result," "Do not vote or Lose" — this is the third poster, which stand today. People are friendly. If a year ago 15 could scream "Fascist! Beneefovets ", now also in Belarusian try something to answer."

Official information when choosing a predominantly Russian-speaking Vitebsk. This year Vitebsk city executive committee for the first time now predlozhilzakazyvat advertising posters of a certain sample. There is a Belarusian-language and Russian-language versions of posters

All information on electoral matters in state newspapers — only in Russian.

the date of the election on December 19. On the official institutions are predominantly Russian-speaking. And all of the information on electoral matters in state newspapers — only in Russian.

Alexander Kuznetsov

Kuznetsov distributes leaflets Gregory Kastusiou

Alexei Gavrutikov

Boris Khamaida

Poster at the cinema "Mir"

Grodno region

"We need Belarusization, but during the campaign it is necessary to speak as it is more convenient for the people …"

The Grodno region hitherto has not yet received all the staffs campaign posters and programs of the candidates. Those that hang and distributed to voters still mostly made in Russian. Michal transmits Kornevich.

Posters Gregory Kastusiou and Vitaly Rymashevsky — only in the Belarusian language.

Posters Gregory Kastusiou and Vitaly Rymashevsky — only in the Belarusian language. Members of their staffs say it is a position of principle from the outset, the second option was not even considered.

The head of the district, Ivan Sheha from Slonim, said that voters perceive is normal.

Sheha: "There is no problem with this, normally everything is perceived."

At the headquarters of Vladimir Neklyaeva explained that most printed materials made in the Belarusian language. Coordinator of Staff in the Grodno region Dmitry Bondarchuk even adds that their candidate — the man himself Belarusian-language, it is easier if everyone in Belarusian. However, during the election campaign must take into account other circumstances.

Bondarchuk: "The issue of the Belarusian language is clear: we need Belarusization. But during the election campaign, we must turn to the people and in Russian, not to alienate them. "

During the election campaign, we must turn to the people and in Russian, not to alienate them.

Dmitry Bondarchuk draws attention to the fact that with the posters and programs, a new problem — they do not allow you to hang out in state stores, as previously promised in the territorial commissions.

The team Yaroslav Romanchuk still no printed programs and posters. Head of Staff Yury Istomin on language states that most products are in Russian, but the company they are in two languages from the beginning.

In turn, he draws attention to the fact that strong typography raised the prices of their products, and even now can not be printed for each voter Belarusian program Yaroslav Romanchuk.

Istomin, "Full color leaflet A3 with stacking is a half dollar. But if such a candidate to make a million, then figure out how much it will … "

At the headquarters of Andrei Sannikov, the vast majority of propaganda materials — in Russian. Coordinator, Mr Chervonenko, said that the decision was taken in Minsk. After all, he personally believes otherwise.

Chervonenko: "It would be better, and that the campaign was in Russian, and Belarusian, but it is what it is …"

Here is the poster of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov — fully Lists

A poster of presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski — fully Belarusian-

At the headquarters of Yaroslav Romanchuk still no posters and programs, printed typographically

Only in Grodno started putting up posters of presidential candidate Grigory Kastusiou

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